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05/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Where are the Pagers?"

You know what I just thought about? Pagers. Yeah, what the hell ever happened to those? I know, I know: the cell phone. But... but... I would expect pagers to stay around at least a little while longer. Just one day, pagers were common place and then the other *bam* they're gone and replaced by Nokias. I'm genuinely shocked at how quickly they disappeared. Usually things seem to linger on for a while: the casette tape, the VHS cassette, two-channel audio, etc. But I suppose you can argue that the transition from pagers to cell phones are more seemless than the above examples. Well... I remember when everyone had a pager and it was fashionable to know pager code (which, might I add, I never learned and, for that matter, I never had a pager). How intriguing indeed....

I finally watched Battle Royale last night. I heard it is a great movie, so I downloaded a while back, but I put off watching it until last night. I gotta say, it's pretty... interesting.... I'm not exactly going "oh! It's such~ a great movie!" like some people I know would say, but it's a good movie. For you peoples who watched it: was it just me or was it kinda hard to keep track of all the students? There were just so many of them. ^_^;; I managed to follow things though, so it was OK. Hm... while watching it, something popped into my head: how are all these kids able to handle weapons like they do? I figure the average youngin' in this day and age doesn't have the skills required to handle a weapon with anywhere near anything called skill. However, there were a few of them students who demonstrated an impressive level of weapon-handling skill for their age and background. *shrugs* Anyway, good movie. I might go out of my way to read the novel (it's translated in english now; I saw it at Kinokuniya ^_^). I wonder how it's like. The movie seemed a little rushed. The book looks longer and seems like it would go into a whole lot more detail.

Onto gaming talk! Haeleth released another Kanon translation patch!!! XD Oh yeah. This one translates 25% of the text. Sweet. I played through it today. ^_^ Great patch, but the english feels so akward. It's English english. Being a Yank, I'm used to American english, darnit! There were a good few times when I just sat there for a little because the expression was just so... unusual to me. But overall a great translation. Don't remember any--at least glaring--grammatical errors at all. Amazing. Leaves you at a bad point though. I want Nayuki to show me the CD shop! I finally get to the day where she doesn't have club activities and it isn't translated! Woe is me.... ;_; Aside, I've also been boning up on my SCII skillz. Read some pretty good Cassie strat and I'm inspired to improve my game. Cassie 0wnz0rz j0! XD

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Nyaaaa I wish I can play Kanon......T_T Why is everyone so lucky except for meeeeee (dies
Anyways, pager are gone, I kinda noticed too, but I didn't put much thought into it because I am a Mobile phone-folk^^

Posted by Sal @ 05/14/2003 04:25 AM PST

doctors still use pagers at the hospital.. my mom's a nurse and that's what she told me. or was it the speaker system...?

Posted by pansit @ 05/13/2003 04:52 PM PST

yeah.. stupid cassie... stupid stupid cassie... 0wn3d me yesterday at school... but anyway.. looking forward in playing against The David.

Anyway... You're right about that pager thing o_o; tripp X_X
And... BR... I STILL need to see that X_X

Posted by Cinti @ 05/13/2003 10:51 AM PST

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