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05/16/2003 Archived Entry: "iRO Isn't the Same..."

OMG, it's been almost a week since my last real post. Not that there's a whole lot to talk about.

School's going... alright I guess.... I'm finding myself struggling in my chem and calc classes. I suppose that the chem really isn't that bad, but I'm spending time studying for calc, so that leaves me with less time to study for chem. Less study time = worse performance. -_- Calc is tossing some pretty bad stuff at me too. Aa~... I guess I'll just have to persevere. Sucks though. I don't have time for iRO. ;_;

Well, honestly speaking, iRO has lost quite a bit of its charm. It's still the same, addictive game, but the whole community has changed. By making it an open beta, there is a huge influx of people and well, to be blunt, most seem to be rude and/or obnoxious. Although, maybe that's just me because I play a priest. You don't know how many times I get asked for heals or free warps (for those not in the know, it costs money, in the form of a blue gem, to open a warp). -_- Darn n00bs. I was never asked for free warps in closed. I miss those days. I also miss the lag. With so many people on Chaos, the lag is horrendous. There are maybe 10k people on Chaos at any given time. In closed, it was 4k at max. I was complaining about lag then. Now I know better. Aa~... come back closed! ;_;

I've actually been seeing my friends each day after school recently. I know I should really go home and "do something productive," but I can't help it. When faced with a bunch of school crap, I like to fall back on friends to help me procrastinate. ^_^; Not like I need them to procrastinate, but it certainly beats the "sitting around and doing nothing on the computer for several hours" routine I seem to do so often. I don't even do anything with them either: hanging out, getting something to eat, etc. I enjoy it though. I don't need to do anything grandeous to enjoy myself.

Oh, I got Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia) for Gamecube. I actually own it for Dreamcast, but my first disc died. Mishap with a GameDoctor. -_- Now that I have it for GC though, I get to play it at night and be all, like, happyful. Pirates rule. Vyse is the man. I shall become a great swashbuckler yet! *determination* I've been playing it at night. It's been cutting into my sleep time. Oh well. Sleep is for the weak anyway. I think I'll go play some now. ^_^

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or maybe that was the perfect killing post...

Posted by yellow boi @ 05/17/2003 10:07 PM PST

I made comments on the cassie on PSM =)

Posted by yellow boi @ 05/17/2003 10:06 PM PST

Nyaa I missed you tsu-kun!!! Your server was down and I'm like!! Hey!! That's not supposed to happen...=_=
Yay now that you're back^^ please sign my rant too XD

Posted by Sal @ 05/17/2003 04:43 AM PST

Yeah.. RO sucks lately.. if it means anything.. i got a girls diary for you ^_^

(wb to the posting world)

anyway.. man take me on your random trips to PHHS X_X i'm free now so yeah *begs begs* XD

i guess that's it.. later man ^^

Posted by Cinti @ 05/16/2003 10:51 PM PST

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