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05/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Wedding"

I just got back from a wedding. Vietnamese weddings take forever. I was, like, occupied for the entire day. -_-

First, some back story:
My uncle's friend got married today. Traditionally, in a Viet wedding, the families do some kind of elaborate ceremony thing. Problem: all of the man's family is in Vietnam. So my uncle, being the great friend he is, invited my family over to act as stand-ins. ^_^; Hey, it worked.

Alright, so this morning, I headed out with my family over to the groom's house. There, we packed up a bunch of metal container-thingies filled with food and offerings into our cars. It's customary for the groom & family to give something to the bride's family. There were a bunch of things in those metal containers: booze, cakes, etc. There was also a really nice roasted pig. My cousins and I wanted at it so~ bad. ^_^; Anyway, back to the story, we put the stuff into the cars and headed over to the bride's house to meet up with her family. When we got there, our peoples took the metal containers and roasted pig in hand and we did some kind of passing ceremony on the lawn. There was a line of us holding the stuff and then there was a line composed of the bride's family members directly opposite of us. We handed the stuff over to them. Woo. Then we filed into the house, where we had to stand through the longest and most boring thing ever. The main representatives for either party (the father of the bride and some guy representing the groom) went on and on about a whole bunch of stuff. Well, nah, I take that back. The father of the groom was doing all the talking. -_- My legs became uncomfortable. Oh, and throughout all of this, there were maybe 20 sticks of insense burning on an altar. I can usually take insense, but so much of it.... -_- Two doors were opened, but dang, it just wasn't enough. I toughed it out and when all the droning babble was over, I stepped outside, happy to be free. I thought that was it. I was wrong. We did another passing ceremony thingy, where the bride's family returned the metal containers and pig, after taking one-half of everything. OK. Then we piled into the cars and went to the groom's house. Over, right? Nope, even more ceremonies. Although, granted, they were substantially shorter. That equals good.

You know what was hillarious? Well, as part of the ceremonies, there's a part where the important peoples from each family takes a small ceremonial cup-thingy of booze. On the way from the bride's house to the groom's house, we had the booze in the back. It spilled. ^_^;;; Yeah, it was pretty bad. We lost pretty much all of it. ^_^;;;; What was worse, was that we'd need that booze for the ceremonies that were just about to take place. ^_^;;;;; How would we get out of that one? My uncle was the one who actually rectified the problem. He filled it up with water. XD That was hillarious. Actually, what was really hillarious was when my grandma, who was the important one in my family, drank the booze and said that it was weak and that she could take another (which she did). XD That was great. My cousins, uncle, and I were just holding back our laughter.

So yeah, that pretty much covers my morning activites. After that, I got to pop home for a while, but it wasn't for too long because we had to head out for the dinner reception.

There is one thing you can always expect at a Viet wedding: karaoke. ^_^; I know, it's sad. On my day of marriage, I wouldn't want a bunch of my relatives to sing off-key. And let me tell you, it seems like old Viet people can't hold a tune. ^_^;; Luckily for me, no one went up when the MC guy asked for volunteers. Yay. Instead, he played some pretty bad Viet word pun games. They were actually rather cleaver... well... from what I could tell. I got some of it, but darnit, I only know so much of the language. I was born in the US. Peoples should be happy that I speak any Viet. And that they are. ^_^

Oh, at one point, there was this old guy who stood up and took a mic. He started to babble about a bunch of rather amusing things and then he went up to the stage and did some karaoke with gusto. Yeah, he was drunk. XD It was pretty cool. Not that he was drunk, but that he was doing some pretty funny things when he was drunk. Haha, drunk people can be funny.

Um... yeah, I suppose that'll be all. This wedding has made one thing clear to me: I do not anticipate getting married. I'm not exactly hating on weddings themselves, but the ceremonies today were just so long and drawn out.... OK, let me rephrase that: I do not anticipate the marriage ceremonies. If I got this bored and discomforted, imagine what the groom went though. -_-

Blah. That's all. I'll do stuff tomorrow. I'm tired. I want to relax with some Arcadia. Ciao.

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LOL! Sounds like you had an interesting time there! ^_^; I mean... booze!! Omfg!~ And your GRANDMOTHER asking for more?? X_X X3 How cool! And yes, drunk old men are funny! XD I think the only fun parts are the booze and the karaoke! XD If it were I standing there, I'd die! XD XD X3 Anyway, time to go play badmiton!! Ja ne!

Posted by Xiao Long @ 05/19/2003 05:41 PM PST

Well, glad you had a lot of fun there, even though it DID take a long time....

Posted by Sal @ 05/19/2003 04:26 PM PST

xDDDD;; It sounds so funny from your entry. Poor you, weddings can get boring sometimes ne? ^^;; Getting distracted by roast pig is always good xD *dies*

Posted by Maki @ 05/18/2003 07:44 PM PST

XD!! o_o food offerings and karaoke! :3~!!

Posted by Rydia @ 05/18/2003 03:03 PM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 05/18/2003 09:25 AM PST

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