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05/20/2003 Archived Entry: ""Examine" my Rectum!"

Is it just me, or are people really caught up in "examining their lives," "finding out who they really are," and other self-reflection-type things like that. Why is that? I suppose it can be traced directly back to that stupid human curiousity. I however, am not one of these people. Why not? Why don't I ponder the "mysteries" of my life? Because I have better things to think about, such as how to improve my Ivy game (SCII). ^_^ Simply put, I think that those kinds of thoughts are a waste of time. Why bother taking my time examining crap that doesn't matter? I think it's much more productive to think about how to make your life more enjoyable. In my case, by improving my SCII game, I can bring myself much gratification. Yeah, I'm simple, but it works to keep me happy and thinking about something productive (summon suffering setups XD). What good will "examining your life" or "pondering your existence" do for you? Sure, you may come upon some amazing discovery about yourself somewhere down the line, but hell, as if that really matters. So while other people are wasting their free thinking time about stuff that isn't worth my time, I'll fill my head with better things. Thus are my thoughts on the matter.

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And playing SOul Cailber makes u productive...?I dunno were your going with this, but that's just you to decide, but I don't think its not that important than understanding your well-being.

Posted by Hana @ 05/22/2003 04:19 PM PST

If you don't know who you are then what's the point of being around ANYBODY? If I didn't know who I was I wouldn't want to present myself to people like I did.

But if Soul Caliber is more important than self-awareness then okie, I guess. X_x;;;;

Posted by Saka @ 05/22/2003 11:26 AM PST

~-~.. I'm semi-like those people who ponder about life.. yet.. I hide that emotion, I don't know why, it's just difficult for me to express it. o_o;.. so if anyone ever meets me, it'll see you'll have the first impression,"wow.. this girl has her head in the clouds." When actually.. I think I found myself.. unless it's my psychotic ego. O_O;;. dun..

Posted by Rydia @ 05/21/2003 08:54 PM PST

Well, I seem to be caught up in my exam life nevertheless^^;;;
But I overcome that by eating food...yes ,we can eat in exam halls.

Posted by Sal @ 05/21/2003 04:14 PM PST

Waai~ I like your thoughts on that subject, Tsubasa-kun~ It's true, I don't know what's so fulfilling about finding out more about yourself... I guess, it helps people get a better understanding on themselves and what they mean to do in life.. (?)

Ne, I have no clue! xD;~

Posted by Maki @ 05/21/2003 03:35 PM PST

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