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05/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Designer Cases... Bah!"

Spent some time with the friend Karen today. I had free time after school. Just went out with her, her mom, and her brother to a bakery and supermarket.

Dang, the bakery was literally two doors away from Tapioca Express. Unfortunately, I was $0.41 short. -_- Yes, I order it enough to know the exact price and I'm darn proud of it. ^_^

Her brother's such a dork. He tried to get wine coolers at the supermarket. ^_^;; At the checkout line, he already ran back to the car, we realized that the drinks he placed into the cart were indeed alcohol-based beverages. With that, Karen and I put them back. Honestly, if you're going to go for the alcohol, you have to be a bit more discreet about it. -_- Either he's not too bright or he's just not trying.

Oh, speaking of the brother, he picked up a Maximum PC magazine at the market. While he was thumbing through it, I was looking over his shoulder and noticed something: apparently designer cases are all the rage these days. -_- Honestly, I don't care for designer computer cases. Call me old-school, but computer cases should be plain and simple. Personally, I prefer the plain white/off-white cases myself. I do admit that some of those cases are pretty spiffy though. Not for the design, but for other reasons, like this one machine I saw that integrated a tower and a coffee maker. XD That's a good one. I've heard of a computer placed inside a pumpkin too. XD Yeah, those are cool just because they are unorthodox.

Maybe I didn't make myself too clear last post:
What I'm trying to say, is that no one needs to spend extra time to "examine" themselves. As a part of their self, they already realize who they are and how they want others to view them, thus, it is unnecessary to spend extra time specifically for the purpose of overthinking one's existance. If you didn't already have a sense of yourself, how would you conduct yourself in front of other people? You wouldn't be able to at all. Considering how everyone can conduct themselves in front of others (in one way or another), it is safe to make the assumption that everyone already has a sense of self. I am just annoyed that people go about saying "I don't understand my true self" or "is this the real me?" That's a bunch of bull. Stop overthinking. Spend your time some other way. And yes, Soul Calibur II is a better way for me. ^_^

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so what is actually the wrong of being someone to find something within themselves to lead them to a possible future they want to have? If one actually truly want enjoy life more stay outta thier business and not be so offensive about it. If some friends are giving you so much...ah well what was that... so much bs that is nothing to you. Then what the hell is the point of giving them your advise to them anyway. Really playing video games its just your way of escaping reality isn't, the most productive thing for you to do. You don't have any goals in life now do you? The fact that you seem really naive makes you such a big jerk for being too judmental...-_-

Posted by sakusana-chan @ 05/25/2003 11:09 PM PST

Some of one's character will never change. Other qualities/views will evolve or even be replaced. Who am I? It's not silly or stupid to ask this. It's just human. If pondering on this produces answers, or at least a general direction, then it is not a waste of time. Just don't get lost in it indefinitely, that's all. Lighten up. You seem to be on the offense a lot. By the way, never again place negative words and "Karen's brother" in the same sentence or paragraph--typed, spoken, or otherwise. It's not very nice.

Posted by disclosure unnecessary @ 05/25/2003 10:49 PM PST

Bah! I'm with you on this one david. It's a waste of time to figure out "what you are in life" I mean just be who you are. Don't think about it FEEL IT! SCII it's much more important than wasting time pondering things like that for david. I guess if pondering it makes you happy then by all means do it. It's just that some of us enjoy the minor simplisities of life to get our kicks. Sure, thinking about it can open your mind, and you'll be more knowledgeable about life. But wouldn't you rather experience a roller coaster rather than learn about it?

Posted by Anthony L. @ 05/25/2003 11:08 AM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 05/23/2003 11:34 PM PST

hey i love ur layout and yeah it makes sense i mean everyone has to examine what they are to know what they are going to be in the future

Posted by rei @ 05/23/2003 10:08 AM PST

I still think it's a good thing to examine your life. I'm not saying it's neccesary, but we're all at one point will wake up one day, do our inane daily routines, and then stop deadpoint in the kitchen holding a leftover sandwich from the fridge and think, "WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS?!". And there's nothing wrong with that, because getting to the point of your inane daily routines will help you decide on who you REALLY want to be, and that could be personality-wise or career-wise.
People examine who they ARE so they know what they want to BE in the future. Makes sense, no?

Posted by Saka @ 05/23/2003 03:10 AM PST

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