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05/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Matrix with the Fanime Folk"

Yesterday was a pool party at my friend James's. Woo, like, an opportunity for exercise! ^_^; I'm not saying that I like exercise (too much physical exertion for my tastes), but I like the fact that when I exercise reguarily, I don't get sore from anything (I don't get sore often anyway though...). Anyway, so yeah, I headed over to his place to get in some fun pool time. The water was unusually warm for a pool. I'm not used to that. I'm used to jumping into a pool and having to readjust to the substantially cooler temperature. I gotta say, warm water feels nice. ^_^ It was kinda like taking a not-too-warm bath... with more space... and swimming. ^_^; I really didn't do much real exercise though. I clear about a third of that pool when I push off. -_-; That's what I get for being too tall. Oh wait, nothing's ever my fault! That pool's too small! That's it! XD

Today was some fun times with the Fanime forums folks. We went to go watch Matrix Reloaded. It tell you, being surrounded by rabid fanboys and fangirls feels nice sometimes. I felt so at home. ^_^ As for the movie itself, it wasn't that bad. There was a fair amount of spiffy action though. Like anyone goes for the plot. Psh. After the movie, we took some pictures and then finally we went to MGL. I played some SCII. Did you expect any less? XD I did pretty well. There was this one guy who was just slightly better than me though. Gwar.... Had some pretty good matches with him, but he always just slighty beat me in the fifth or last round. Oh well. He did have better reflexes. I hate that. I need better reflexes if I'm going to 0wn. Conditioning, conditioning....

Hm... some music talk! I finally got the Icecream, ending to Narue no Sekai! XD Is it just me or doesn't the song just convey to you "innocent love?" It's really cute. And catchy for that matter. I'll probably upload it for your folks listening pleasure, but I'm lazy right now, so maybe tomorrow. What else...? Oh, I got the PV for the title track of BoA's new Japanese single: Shine We Are!. Now it may have just about the stupidest engrish I've ever heard, but it's a really catchy song. It screams bubblegum pop, but, like many BoA songs, it's darn catchy. Not only that, she's friggin' cute in the video too. -^^- Yay! Go superficiality! XD

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Sorry I haven't been posting for a long time ^^;;;
Never have enough time.
Hope you are having lots of fun with your life right now, I'm not...=_=

Posted by Sal @ 05/26/2003 09:24 PM PST

T-T.. I wanted to go to Fanime.. -_- but then I found out it was too late to go..o_o I wanted a pretty badge too! >_

Posted by Rydia @ 05/26/2003 09:09 AM PST

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