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05/28/2003 Archived Entry: "GazouBBS"

OMG, you know what? Today I had the most interesting experience: working on PHP in another language. ^_^; After looking at a few Japanese image boards, running on GazouBBS (for examples, check out 2chanNET), I decided to actually give it a shot and try to install one on my own. Let me tell you, that thing looked pretty darn intimidating when I oppened it up in Notepad. Well, how would you react if faced with intensive text that you couldn't understand and had to wade through? Not only that, my experience in PHP is very, very limited, so the code itself was kinda daunting in itself. -_-;; With that in mind, I went ahead and tried Altavista's Babelfish. OMG, you don't know how helpful Babelfish can be! I managed to translate most of the text and various other things here and there in the instructions and code. Yay! That was sure an adventure though. I think I'm the first person to ever translate GazouBBS. I haven't seen any in english yet.... Anyway, I would provide a URL, but I kinda intend it to be a personal Gazou. If anyone wants the code, I'd be glad to give you the code I've translated. Hopefully someone who's better at PHP can help me figure out how to allow for comments on individual entries and just exactly how to configure the admin panel. Maybe figuring out how to generate thumbnailed images too. That's about all I feel is missing now. Lets start a Gazou in english trend! ^_^

I figured out the admin panel. It's also been translated. Go me!

Edit II:
Opened a public Gazou too. Enjoy! ^_^

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I feel your success yo; I think I was the first person who translated Kanon to English... kept it for myself and my friends, since it's a probably really unorthodox because the Kanon I have was downloaded and has a couple things missing. XD

Posted by Saka @ 05/31/2003 06:18 AM PST

:D Yay~! ^^;; Gomen ne~ I haven't been posting comments. But anyway, must ask: are you going to p2p for RO? .-. Curious...

...and seeing Tsu-kun working on stuff, makes Saga want to work on her sites too. >_>; *scurries off to do Calc*

Posted by Saga @ 05/29/2003 05:58 PM PST

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