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05/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Resplendent Impressions"

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Hey, I've opened a GazouBBS. It's a spiffy image bulletin board thing. Check it out and post your images (preferrably anime/manga/game stuff). I put a fair amount of work into translating it, but there might still be some kinks, so tell me anything that seems off to you. Yes, post, for I want a cool Gazou. ^_^

Here be the link:
Resplendent Impressions
We now return you to your reguarily scheduled programming.

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I forgot to ask. What does Tsubasa mean? I though it was the girl's name from His and Her's Circumstances. (I didn't mean to insult you okay?)

Posted by Nguyet @ 06/10/2003 12:44 AM PST

Hey I would say cool site but that's been overused neh? ^^;; I haven't run into a guy that's obsessed with anime other then Final Fantasy. So your watching Angelic Layer... Have you finished the whole series? The guy (the one with the blue hair and the angel that uses electricity for attacks) is way cute. ;) You like Sakura! =D I'm a girl so obviously I'll like Syaoran. Do you read fanfics then? Or you way busy with Uni and Games? Anyway, I like your site... I've been going through the tests ;) I'll be back (promise ^^). Ja.

Posted by Nguyet @ 06/10/2003 12:41 AM PST

Me go look^^
Nice^^ I'll post smthing someday later^^ Hurry hurrying now...

Posted by Sal @ 06/02/2003 05:15 PM PST

p2p really bites right now. Yeah, finally, they've gone commercial, but $16 a month is too much for an MMORPG. Most are around $10, aren't they?

Posted by Eric, AKA Cloudzero @ 06/01/2003 11:34 PM PST

o_o.. iRO.. pay to play. ;_;!!

Posted by Rydia @ 06/01/2003 08:14 AM PST

Is it just me or are there just too many games coming out that are targeted for them youngins and not the orginal game users! *gwar*

Posted by Anthony L. @ 05/31/2003 07:27 PM PST

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