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05/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Me + Dance?"

And here I am to relieve you peoples of Tsubasa-withdrawl. Yes, I know you're all experiencing it. XD

Yesterday marked something of a milestone: it was my first date in two years; friendly or otherwise. Actually, I've never been on a "romantic" date.... ^_^; Anyway, it was the "Good Bye Dance" at my old high school. One of the youngin's ('tis what I call those still in high school ^_^) asked me to be an escort. I can't say I really care much for dances, but I did it anyway. The dance was pretty much like I remember the dances from school: loud, hot, and with distasteful music. -_- I really don't understand why people like to go to dances anyway. Although, maybe it's because I am not much of a dancer. I can bounce and move my hands/feet with the beat as I have a good sense of rhythm, but ask me to pull out some mad dancing skillz, and you'd be sorely disappointed. Meh. Oh, and the music selection at my old school's dances are notoriously bad. Well, maybe not horrid, but they leave something to be desired. As I see it, dances should always have music that'll make you want to move. There were a number of tracks in there that didn't do it for me. Not only that, but the accoustics were so very bad. When someone would speak on the mic, I couldn't make out a single word. I think they were trying to force too much onto sub-par speakers. Oh, the DJ sucked too. Any DJ should at least be able to crossfade. -_- But all in all, I suppose it wasn't that bad. Yeah, after I get all critical, I say it "wasn't that bad." ^_^;; The thing is, I could put up with the loudness, hotness, and distastefulness. I'm not a very demanding person. I generally take what I can get. Suppose I had a little fun, but I'm certainly not looking forward to going to another dance anytime soon. Thus, the reason why I didn't go to any of my senior dances and yes, that included my prom.

My classes suck. I have three classes. I had three tests this week. -_- You know how much that sucked? That sucked with much suckage. The suckage equivilent to the all the suckage of the suckiest sucker on the planet of Suck. XD Well, at least I can joke about it. ^_^; But honestly, it was kinda demanding. I don't know if I did well on them either. I'm pretty sure philosophy was fine; it's calc and chem I have to worry about. -_- My life this quarter is, as you probably guessed it, sucky. -_- So much math and calc studying and worrying. I hate that. -_-

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So 'ya have a good night, Sempai? Come on, bust out the DDR skillz! j/k. lol.

Posted by Eric @ 05/31/2003 10:51 PM PST

Oh man you forgot to tell us who you went with =P Anyway I have 5 classes to worry about. Next week I have to deal with 5 finals XD you know how much that sucks...

Posted by Anthony L. @ 05/31/2003 03:11 PM PST

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