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06/05/2003 Archived Entry: "X-Box! XD"

Hm... haven't really been up to too much....

Interesting thing: I skipped out of my philosophy class three out of four days this week. ^_^; Yeah, I know that's bad, but I honestly didn't feel like sitting through it. Sure, Mr. Teacher Man is a decent and mildly entertaining guy, but I didn't want to go through one of his classes after Monday. IT's alright though. Attendence isn't a requirement and all the stuff is in the study notes anyway (it's actually more like a text book as opposed to "study notes" if you ask me). He essentially teachs everything from the study notes packet he gave us in order. All I have to do is read a little and I'll be caught up again. I'll be back in the class reguarily next week though. This is such an interesting deviation from my norm. I'm usually the straight-arrow, the one who doesn't do anything "bad." Oh well.

Hm... went to the San Jose Tapioca Express yesterday. My friend and I are on a quest to find the best peppered chicken. We'd heard that there's one in San Jo that has level 10 chicken. For those not in the know, that's means that it's pretty darn spicy. We decided to hit up the one downtown, on San Carlos, to give their chicken a shot. It was weak and, for that matter, poorly prepared. -_- And OMG, their milk tea is subpar too! Way~ too sweet. Kinda ruins it. Probably the worse Tap chicken and milk tea I've yet had. I guess that wasn't the place for level 10. That only leaves Monterey Road now. The Capital one is definately not it.

I got an X-Box!!! XD XD XD XD XD I'm all happy and tingly all over. XD If you can't tell, yes, I am quite psyched about it. My friend got it to me as a birthday present, but she couldn't give it to me on my birthday being that she was in San Diego. Thus, now that she's back home, she gave me the unit. Dang, them things are hefty suckers, aren't they? Good thing though: I got a type-S controller. Don't know what I would have done with an original Amerian controller. Them things are horrendous. Now I need to pick up an AV pack (composite is weak), possibly pick up a DVD pack (hell, X-Boxes play DVDs better than PS2s), and give it a name. Gamecube: Tsubaki, PS2: Cosmos, X-Box: ???. I'll come up with it soon.

Note: I do indeed like the X-Box. I don't understand the prevailing thought that it sucks. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best designed currently viable system. I suppose it's kinda lacking in games currently and that's a big concern for any gamer, but I'm sure the library will fill out soon. As long as Sega's supporting it, it's gold as far as I'm concerned. But aside from the Sega support, I also gotta say that the X-Box is desirable because of the amazing amount of thought and foresight that went into its creation. You don't see Sony going around and surveying hardcore gamers and developers, do you? And even if they did, like they would impliment anything they were told. The X-Box team was really on the ball in the creation of the system. I gotta hand it to them and support them because they're hardcore gamers like me. Can't leave a fellow gamer hanging like that now, can I? ^_^

You know what? Integration is really useful! Having gotten to the "applications to physics and engineering" section of my book, I now learn that it can be used to find work, pressure, center of mass, and (peeking into the next section) probability. With that in mind, I think integration is more useful than differentiation. By golly, I can see myself using this stuff really often in my life; especially to find probability.

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u lucky guy get Halo 2 hahahaha

Posted by Anthony Ng @ 06/06/2003 07:33 PM PST

Gomen gomen Tsu-kun^^;;;
I didn't realise that your newer entries are below the top one, I thought you haven't been blogging^^;;; Gomenasai, I'm too used to looking at the first entry in the line of the blog^^;;;
Anyways, you really should get Dengeki G's^^ Since you like CGs so much. There are loads in there, and lots without icky text all over it^^
Looks like you have a crush on Nakoruru just the same as I have one on Shindo Hikaru^^ I'm getting obsessed with Shindo-kun^^;;;

Posted by Sal @ 06/06/2003 04:57 AM PST

X-Box, wow, you pretty much now have every console currently out huh? =P

Thus the sloth be happy

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/05/2003 11:15 PM PST

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