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06/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Xbox: Cepheid"

Today consisted of more studying than usual. -_-

Uu! Uu! I've decided on a name for my Xbox: Cepheid. And no, it's not named after that flare dragon god from Slayers (which actually does have the same name). Cepheids are actually a type of star. They've used up their primary hydrogen supply and because of that, they pulsate in terms of size and luminosity in an unusually regular fashion. You could say that the luminosity is a function of the period and the graph would look something like a sine curve (the luminosity is inversely proportional to the period). Anyway, yes, the Xbox is named Cepheid. Now with my Gamecube "Tsubaki," PS2 "Cosmos," and I suppose you can throw in my GBA "Tsubomi," I am ready to handle anything them developers/publishers can throw at me. I'm looking forward to the tons of Sega goodness I can have. ^_^ Now all I need to do is to mod my PS2 and Xbox (the GC's already modded). With that, I'll be set for the next... what? Two, three years?

I picked up Panzer Dragoon Orta. I've never played the other Panzer Dragoons before, so this is a completely new experience for me. I like it. It's so fun and exciting. Can't wait to unlock the original Panzer Dragoon in the Pandora's Box. Then all I'll have to do is pick up a Saturn (I've been putting it off for years) and Zwei and Saga if possible. I'd imagine that Zwei wouldn't be insanely difficult to procure, but Saga.... -_- Maybe while I'm at it, I could try for Shining Force 3 too. ^_^; A guy can dream now, can't he?

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Zwei eh? And I'VE been playing too much Phantom, eh? lol.

Posted by Cloudzero @ 06/08/2003 02:03 AM PST

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