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06/08/2003 Archived Entry: "Screw Anime Junkies"

Just read an article on fansubbing. Specifically, it was on the digisubbing group Anime Junkies. OK, a quick jist of the article:

Urban Vision makes a pitch to Madhouse and the direct result of this is the new Ninja Scroll TV series. Being that it is a new series and every new series just needs to be fansubbed *cough*, Anime Junkies picks up and subs the series. An Urban Vision representative contacts Anime Junkies to stop fansubbing and distribution of the series. Here are some excerpts from their reply:

gLeave fansubs to fans or do it for free yourselves. All you are doing is getting rich off a series we helped make popular.h

gWho the fuck are you anyways to buy a series we were doing?h

gYou knew we were subbing, you know people fansub... So why the fuck did you start a DVD company?h

gRot in Hellh

Needless to say, I'm pissed. What a bunch of utter crap. I knew that Anime Junkies was doing some "unethical" stuff (going by fansubbing ethics here), all with the subbing and distribution of licensed titles, but what the hell is wrong with them when they think it is their right? As an old-timer from the days of traditional VHS fansubbing, I'm already pretty disgusted with the digisubbing community in general, but this is too much. I am officially boycotting Anime Junkies. Screw them.

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