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06/09/2003 Archived Entry: "More Xbox Games! XD"

Haven't been up to too much. With finals coming up in three weeks, I feel like getting prepared and not having to cram so much in the last weekend there. I've actually been removing myself from the computer and been going to my room so that I can read and/or do problems. I feel so productive. Maybe it's because I have a horrible work ethic. Thing is, I've never really needed to exert much effort at school. Now that I have some harder classes, I need to do just that. -_- Not only that, as I've entered college, I've only been getting lazier and lazier. I need to counter that by making myself do some work before it's too late and I'm not doing any work at all (which is arguably what I did last quarter *cough*). It's working. Slowly but surely, it's working....

Picked up some more Xbox games today. Went to Gamestop and saw a used Gun Valkyrie and Dead or Alive 3 for sale. They were cheap. So, even though I shouldn't have done it, I shelled out the money. DoA has always been something of a fun diversion for me. I've never dwelved much into the system, but I find it fun to play around with it every once in a while. Gun Valkyrie is pretty fun. The controls were a little nyeh for a while, but I'm getting them down. I'm certain that I'll have a lot of fun with it when I get the hang of it. Oh, and I haven't mentioned it yet, but I got Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball too. Yes, I know what you're thinking and I suppose you're right. Can't a guy be shallow every once in a while? Lei Fang is so freakin'.... *drools* *Hits self* Anyway, before you go on and on about how I'm a male chauvenistic pig, I'm actually not spending all my time oogling the ladies. The volleyball game has a hell of a lot more depth than you would think it would have being that it involves only the use of two buttons. True, it's all artificial depth in the form of timed button presses, but it gets pretty demanding and if you don't have the right timing, you won't win. It's really fun. ^_^ I've been spending the vast majority of my time playing matches. Occasionally I play the hopping game because I need some easy cash, but generally the volleyball occupies my time. Two-player is great fun too. Had some pretty intense matches with my friends today. It's a great party game. ^_^

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Don't blame you, its pretty. I heard that the volleyball was a fun thing in itself, kinda simple but there's a lotta depth to it. Bring it when I have a party thingy next, kay?

Posted by Dez @ 06/13/2003 01:00 PM PST

Ahh! Tsukun! Lucky lucky you^^
You got Xbox, i dun even have gameboy...

Posted by Sal @ 06/10/2003 06:05 AM PST

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