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06/12/2003 Archived Entry: "I Unlocked Everything in DoA3!"

Good morning, folks! ^_^ Aa~... what's been going on with me? Hm... aside from the schoolwork I'm sure you've heard about, lets see....

The weather's been strange around here. Before, it was unusually hot. These days, it seems that the days are colder; if only in the morning. I think it's because it's been overcast. Kinda reminds me of winter days. Not your average winter day, just one of those "it's kinda cold, but it's cold enough to be called winter" days. I didn't figure I'd be having to wear jackets at this time of year....

Been up to some gaming. ^_^;;; Well, being more or less confined to the house with work, I need something to relax with when I want a break. I've unlocked all the costumes and Ein in DoA3. OK, so I lie. I only unlocked Ein because I got all the costumes from the booster disc. But hey, something nice for no effort. I'm sold. XD I'm finally feeling like I can get into this game. In the past, even though I've had the chance, I never really got into any previous DoA. For one reason or another, I'm actually feeling a drive to get better. Too bad there are not too many resources about the game system on the net. I must search!

Hm... I want to type more, but I really need to prepare for school. Ciao!

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o_o.. northern cali weather is always.. weird. ~_~;;.. windy and sunny.. then.. cloudy and windy.. next thing you know it'll be.. sunny and rainy.. o_o with no clouds in the sky. @_@;;

Posted by Rydia @ 06/13/2003 04:57 PM PST

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