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06/14/2003 Archived Entry: "I Feel Old"

Hm... lets see if there's anything worth mentioning from the last few days....

The other day something really... interesting happened.... I was on my way to Tapioca Express (as usual ^_^;) when I saw two birds in the road in front of me. Don't worry, I didn't run over them. As I was approaching them, I figured, they would scatter. They didn't. So, without much time to do anything, I swerved so that they would pass under the car. That was a success. What wasn't was that there was a big thump and a bunch of feathers flying out the back of my car as I went by. O_o I figure when they were under my car, the birds freaked and tried to fly away, only to hit the bottom of my car. From my rear-view mirror, I saw one bird flying away, but I didn't see one lying in the road, so that's a good thing. I hope that one bird I didn't see managed to get away safely....

One thing that ran through my mind a little this week: I've been around for a while. True, in my nineteen years of life, I really haven't experienced a lot, but in some respects, I have seen some things flourish throughout the nineties. Case in point: anime and computers. After reading that series of editorials on Anime News Network about fansubbing, it made me think again (I've thought it before), that anime fans these days just have it too easy. Back in the day, I had to really search them stores for it. These days, most stores with a decent DVD selection have stuff besides Pokemon. Then there's fansubbing. Back in the day, fansubbing supported the anime community because commercial releases just didn't cut it most of the time. Now that the commercial releases have caught up with fansubbers, the fansubbers are still subbing and in greater quantities. I suppose I kinda miss the fansubbing culture of the early to mid nineties. The anime community has gone through some monumental changes in my day. Then there's computer stuff; more specifically, web design. I'm chatting on an online forum with peoples about web design. They mention a few things and then I'm reminded just how bad the advancement of technology is on an old-timer like me. As far as I'm concerned, all you need for a website is basic HTML (by basic, I mean none of these newer HTML developments within recent years). Of course, back in my day, there wasn't much else besides maybe Javascript (which, IMHO, doesn't have nearly enough practical uses). People are all going on about XML, iframes, SSI, and "W3C Compliant" crap. Do we really need all of that? From what I've been able to observe, most people use a fairly recent version of Internet Explorer, making some of them concerns about cross-browser compatibility rather minimal. And fancy things like iframes are just not worth my time. I like sticking to the old reliables (except for maybe CSSs because they are so much nicer than font tags). They get the job done and the vast majority of people can view them. So yeah, getting back to the main point of this paragraph, I feel old sometimes. I suppose that's an inevitable consequence of being interested in things that can change radically from year to year (don't even get me started on gaming).

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I know there isn't such a thing as a completely supported page. That's pretty much impossible. From observations and webstats, I've concluded that most people use Internet Explorer, so I think that catering primarily to IE users is not necessarily a bad thing.

I never said that Javascript was "useless." I just said that it doesn't have enough practical uses. Case in point, most things I can think I use Javascript for are extraneous. I don't have to use it at all, but I make the decision to use it occasionally because I want something a bit more flashy.

Oh, and this log is being run on perl, while my gazou is php.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 06/16/2003 07:00 PM PST

Ooh, what James said... Javascript isn't just floating flowers on your cursor and pop-up windows.

Come to think of it, Greymatter itself is pretty complicated and unneccesary! I mean, you don't NEED it to make a journal... it's a personal choice.

Posted by Saka @ 06/16/2003 05:25 PM PST

i only know three people that use IE as their main browser.. there is no such thing as having a completely supported page, unless its raw HTML, even then you can muck up some browsers... other than that... uh i dont know... i personally use Safari from Apple, and Konqueror from the guys that do KDE (when i am in my linux side) and javascript while "useless" runs your posting system, and damn near everything else on your site, you just dont see it... thats what does the renders and such that you rely on to have your page posted... you also use it when playing with your pic board right?!? i dunno... just think its more important than you realize...

Posted by James Backes @ 06/16/2003 03:35 PM PST

Waaaiii... Too much tech talk...brain...hurting...aaaaaarrrrggghhh!!!

Anyway, yeah, I remember in the early nineties that it used to be pretty hard getting some decent anime and manga. The only way it really existed in public was when some company decided to take it and release it to America (having problems like redoing storylines sometimes like Sailormoon and Robotech). But still, I'm glad that anime is becoming more and more widespread. You have to search hard for the uber-sick shiz, but most good stuff can be found translated, so it keep me happy! ^_^

Posted by Cloudzero @ 06/15/2003 02:00 AM PST

Aww poor birds... those birds tho were weird O_o

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/14/2003 11:34 PM PST

I can agree to your html rap... XML and the like is real overkill when you just want to make a small anime site. You don't NEED it... but then again, there's a lot of things that we used in coding that we don't need, such as colored scrollbars and changing default cursors. It just depends on what you're aiming to create, and if you want to achieve it with high or low tech HTML (actually, CSS is pretty new, being only a couple years old), then that's that.

Posted by Saka @ 06/14/2003 11:20 PM PST

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