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06/16/2003 Archived Entry: "The Tale of Anthony and the Drug Test"

I've been spending a good amount of time with the sister. She's, like, back from Davis because their quarter ended already. They get out a whole two weeks before I do. -_- That's so~ unfair! I want more time to spend playing with her! ;_; If you don't already know, my sister and I get along extremely well. It has been stated that we are extremely similar except for, well, the fact that we're different genders. I guess it kinda makes sense. When two people get along and live with each other for eighteen years, they kinda rub off on each other. She's louder than me though. ^_^; Anyway, we've been chatting because she has a number of interesting stories. We've also been playing video games too. She's helping me get swimsuits in DOAX. ^_^ That's a good thing because she's playing the girls I don't feel like playing (Tina, Lisa, Christie). XD

Aside from homework, been spending time with the guys. Today, I spent some time with my friend who shall be called "Anthony" because, well, that's his name. ^_^ He went for an interview at Target. He asked me to take him because I can drive and because I had his pants with his photo ID in it (don't ask ^_^;). Thus, off we went! While he had his interview, I went over to the electronics section to kill time. Nothing all that fabulous there. Stuff I could get for cheaper elsewhere. All except for one item: Gunvalkyrie. It was $15 new. O_o I got it last week from Gamestop, used, for $17. ;_; But enough of my sadness, when Anthony came back, he told me he got the job. Woo! But, before actually being hired, hired, he had to take a drug test. We were off again! On the way, we found in the documentation that he had to give a urine sample. For the sake of the urine sample, we made a trip to Tapioca Express. We just had to make sure he had enough liquid in him. XD OK, I know, it's a lame excuse, but we got Tap, so we were happy. XD After that stop, we headed over to the drug-testing facility. Just an interesting aside: It was in a medical park next to the hospital where I was born. So we went there, he *cough* did his business and the obligations were over with. We picked up another friend or two and headed to the mall to peruse through more games at Gamestop (I've been going there way too often recently ^_^;). Eventually, after a little, I had to head home. The End.

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Hey, little brother, you spelled "regularly" wrong in your stay-at-top entry. Just thought I'd point that out. I'm bored. ;D

Posted by Sabella-chan @ 06/18/2003 06:33 PM PST

Soz Tsu-kun^^;;;
I was dead for the past few days so didn't get to comment^^ Hope you had your rest nee? Back to blogging^^

Posted by Sal @ 06/17/2003 10:39 PM PST

This anthony guy you speak of sounds like quite the impressive individual!

Posted by Anthony L. @ 06/17/2003 09:25 PM PST

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