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06/18/2003 Archived Entry: "All On One Day!? ;_;"

Kinda funny, kinda sad thing: I have all my finals on one day. -_- Not only that, it's the first day of finals. -_- One one hand, I'm all like "how am I going to study for them all?" On the other hand, I'm all "woo! I can finish them early and get back to Xenosaga! XD" I guess my weekend is pretty much booked now. I knew I wouldn't be able to spend much time at Fanime, but this means that I get even less time. Probably just a few hours on Saturday. Oh well, I haven't really gotten that pumped up about this year's Fanime anyway. I'm just hoping them tests won't be too bad. I'm going to be spending my time working on studying, so there's the possiblity that I won't post for a little. I'll try to make updates when there's stuff to talk about, but no promises. Finals shall be on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

OMG, you know what? The chemistry department's charging me $13.20 for two mini crucible lids! ;_; I broke two of them while we were doing a lab and, because they were tiny little things, I figured it wouldn't be much. Stupid me. That's how the chemistry department makes money! They gouge you silly! ;_;

Hm... there really isn't much else to say at this moment. Just been studying and such. So I shall be off! *wooshes*

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Good luck on your finals!!!!!

Posted by Sal @ 06/24/2003 05:26 AM PST

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