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06/26/2003 Archived Entry: "I Move Rocks"

Job hunting! Yes, I said I'd look for a job and I was serious. Unfortunately for me, most places right now are either not hiring or have run out of applications. -_- Why do I have to get out so late that everyone else has already gotten a chance to apply before me? I suppose I could have gone looking before I got out of school, but I didn't think of it at the time, so nyeh. Anyway, I went around with my friend Eric and we applied to several places. First, I applied at Target (for those in San Jose, that's the one on Capitol). Apparently I have to wait for them to perform a background check before I can even be considered for a position. O_o; Boy, are they thorough. Assuming I get the job, I'll even have to get a drug test. O_o;; Target has some extreme employment policies. Directly after that, we walked over to Toys 'R Us, which is in the same shopping center. Come on, who wouldn't like to work in a toy store? XD You'd be surrounded by toys all day. Sounds like a pretty sweet job if you ask me. Definately better than a lot of stuff out there. I'm really hoping they call me back. ^_^ Then we hit up Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. Unfortunately for us, they weren't even accepting applications. -_- Then to the mall! There, I couldn't apply anywhere because every place ran out of applications. ;_; I really wanted to apply at Gamestop and kinda wanted to apply at Media Play. I'm fairly certain that I have sufficient knowledge to fulfill those positions. Oh well.... I guess I'll just have to wait around and try to think of new places to apply. My friend Allan says that he has a job opportunity for us, so lets see how that's going to turn out. We're going to look into it tomorrow. ^_^

I moved rocks today. ^_^;; My parents have a big pile of white, I'm assuming quartz, rock out back. It's been sitting there for a good two years because we just didn't know what to do with it. Well, wanting to get it out of the way, my parents decided to put it at the foot of two of the trees on the other side of the backyard. Being that I'm a young and able young person, they elected me to help out. -_- Well, it wasn't too bad, but manual labor is never good. ^_^ Took maybe an hour or two, but I did it. Doesn't look half bad either. The parents are happy, so I guess that's what counts.

After that, play time! I went out and had some general hang out time with friends. Some events: had hairclips put in my hair, helped people with math, and played SCII. Not a horrible way to spend a summer day. It was hot though. X_x We were, like, boiling out there. I hear that it went up to 102 degrees out there. X_x I'm glad my car has good AC. Had to run to it occasionally to get all cooler-like. I hear that tomorrow's going to be just as bad if not worse. X_x I'm afraid....

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