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06/27/2003 Archived Entry: "I Want to be a Game Tester"

You know how I mentioned that I was going to check up on a job opportunity today? Well, apparently that didn't happen. This opportunity was for a position as a video game tester. Yes, you read that right, video game tester. Basically, the dream job for any gamer. Wanting to get in on this action, my friend and I called to inquire about it. Apparently, they want experienced testers who have a decent resume. That's bad because I've, as of yet, haven't held such a position before. -_- I'll just hope that my minor experience beta testing for RagnarokOnline is sufficient to land me the job. The lady said that I can send her my resume and she'll forward it onto the agency she's contracting for (which, I still don't have the name to ^_^;). Here's to hoping that I can land that job. And lets hope that if I do land it, it can be for something like Sega. They're located in this area. ^_^

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