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06/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Slackers College for Slackers"

Yesterday was the friend Hana's graduation party. ^_^ She, like, graduated from my former high school. The youngin's grow up so quickly. Fun times to be had. There was much foodage, video gamage, and slackage. XD

Just what kind of "slackage?" Well, it was, like the last few days, kinda hot. In that kind of weather, my friend and I didn't want to move, so we decided to lie down on the ground and try not to move. XD That was great. And then from there, we had fun times talking about how and where he would found his college for slackers (mascot: a sloth). ^_^ That's when about three of my other guy friends joined us on the ground. XD After a while, the girls decided to take a jab at us and blame stuff on the Y-chromosome. -_- That's ok though because I was able to counter most of the stuff with "no, it's because of socialital dictates." =3

The video gamage consisted of Smash Bros., Guilty Gear XX, and Soul Calibur II. GGXX was a lot more exciting than I thought it would be. ^_^ Most of my friends don't really play it, but they want to learn it, so there were some pretty fun matches. Fear my May!!! XD

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I've gotten better at my Anji, I will suck your blood!! FIRST, after I practice learning how to dust efficiently enough. XD

Posted by Hana @ 06/29/2003 11:35 PM PST

NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VEMON WILL RISE!!!!!! Then you will fear him!

Posted by Sataya @ 06/29/2003 01:43 PM PST

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