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07/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Xenosaga Episode 1: Completed"

The ending to Xenosaga was beautiful. ;_; <-- tears of joy

I finished it earlier today. After all of that, I got to say, it's one hell of a game. It didn't last as long as I expected it to considering how it said that it's "80 hours" on the back of the packaging. For your information, I actually finished it in slightly over 40. That may be because I wasn't really taking my time. It's not like I was rushing through it or anything; I was just constantly compelled to get to the next cutscene. Them things make the game so~ engrossing. Because of that, I found out I actually completed it slightly under the standard completion levels (37 or so, while most people seem to beat it at 40+). ^_^;

Now commentary on the game:
I don't know exactly how to convey just how much I enjoyed the entire experience. The plot is so grand, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is very solid and worthwhile, and finally--the big thing for me--the characters were very well fleshed out and likable. Two main things I need to elaborate upon: the plot and the characterization. The plot is unlike anything I've ever seen in an RPG. I've never played one that conveyed the same scale present in Xenosaga. Everything just seems so intricate, contrived, and vast, but it's lovingly presented in a digestable manner. I gotta hand it to the writer; he did a bang-up job. As for the characters, they are all very well fleshed out and likable. If anyone knows my preferences in anime/manga/video games, they know that strong characterization is something I really love. Xenosaga doesn't disappoint. I feel very attached to each and every main character. It's a beautiful thing.

I feel so happy that I have a PS2 right about now (I still despise the hardware though). If you people cannot remember or have not heard, I actually bought my PS2 for the purpose of playing Xenosaga. That was my main intention as I purchased it at Gamestop. Sure, I bought other games along the way, but those where only momentary pluses. As far as I'm concerned, if I only had Xenosaga to play on my PS2, it was worth all the money. Now that I've finished it though, things are kinda... nyeh.... I long to return to the Xeno world. Episode 2 is definately at the very top of my most anticipated games list. I want to continue the story. There are so many things left unexplained. I want to see more of the characters. I even want to traverse more three hour dungeons. I'm knee deep in Xenosaga goodness and I don't want out. *sigh*

Oh, and KOS-MOS rulz. She's so friggin' cool.

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Of course KOS-MOS rulz (and is rather cute ^_^ )! That's a given! lol. So does this mean you're going to let me borrow it then sempai? lol.

Posted by Cloudzero @ 07/06/2003 02:07 AM PST

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