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07/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Stupid Job Hunt"

*Xenosaga battle music plays in the background*
You know you're obsessed with an RPG when you have the battle theme looping endlessly while you're on the computer. ^_^;;

Today was more job hunting! Unfortunately for me, there were few places that were taking applications. -_- I went to a few places, but eventually only turned in one application and that was at Mervyns. Yes, I applied at Mervyns. Really not my type of place, as I have limited knowledge of apparel, but I'm pretty desperate. Not "I'll work at Great America" desperate though. I don't think I'll ever sink that low. I'm really getting annoyed by the practice of not evaluating an applicant's knowledge or skill. Sure, they do that during the interview, but I never get an interview to demonstrate my knowlege and/or skill in the first place. -_- Simply put, I believe that I am more knowledgable about the merchandise at the local Gamestop/EB/Media Play/Frys Electronics than the average currently employed employee. I cannot say for certain, but from what I've seen, I am at the very least on par with the average employee in terms of familiarity with the inventory. Usually, I know more. In the case of Fry's, I get the impression that I know more than any of the employees. I've been known to tell an employee about a product in their designated section. -_-;; *frustration frustration*

Spurred by a conversation I had in the car with my friends earlier today:
People have a warped sense of what's alright to do these days. I suppose with the advent of the internet and compressed audio and video, things have really changed. Piracy is so commonplace today that many don't think that there's anything wrong with downloading an MP3. "Well, I don't distribute them" or "everyone else has them" are pathetic excuses. That doesn't put you anymore in the right. I'm sorry, but copyright infringement is illegal in any circumstance. Sure, call me a hypocrite. I own some MP3s and avi files of anime episodes. I am, however, trying to replace my library with legitimate products. Sure, it may not be happening too quickly, but I am trying. I am not saying that I am right because of that. Of course not. I know that I'm engaging in illegal actions. But I do have ethics, however fallicious, behind my downloading. For example, I follow the old-school fansub ethics code. As for MP3 downloading, I do not actively download MP3s. I may get a single song on occasion, but I believe that I'm getting more songs via purchasing CDs these days. Anyway, back to the main point of this whole thing, I just want people to realize that the above described actions are illegal and are cutting into the profits of the creators. Don't try to make any excuses for your illegal activity. That's all I want you to know. I'm not going to go on about how you should not engage in such actions. That's completely at your discression.

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I'm a lil fuzzy so bear w/ me. Is it ok to dl an mp3, then buy the cd later, convert it to an mp3, so that I can listen to it on my iPod? By doing so, I share things on Limewire with other ppl....so...what? Is that wrong? I am a lil confused. And what about things that have been ripped from a video game, namely cut amterial, that I make into mp3s so I can listen to them, again, on the said iPod? I don't have the ability nor the technology to rip these sound files and dling them from other ppl is the only way I can obtain them to listen to them. What then?

Posted by Dez @ 07/15/2003 02:14 PM PST

Good job on the ethics david, a not too common thing among people of our generation. I'm proud of u. I don't dl them at all, Ijust think it's wrong

Posted by Christiana @ 07/09/2003 01:33 AM PST

yeh.. finding a job has been getting hard, good luck David, I'm sure you can do it ^_^

yah, the pirating thing can get out of hand, I recently tried to stop doing it, or at least, only download what has not been released yet and try to get the commercial released version once it comes out. I bougth the entire DVD set for fruits basket.. so I suppose that's a good start^^;

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/08/2003 02:18 AM PST

OO that reminds me I gota job hunt too. XD
I don't really d/l mp3's either, but I do it because if I find an artist I actually like enough I'd consider buying the legitimate product. But there's nothing wrong with supporting the creator at all, but some people tend to be fucking cheap and not waste money so its basically gotten outta hand. Don't worry everyone's a hypocrite.

Posted by Hana @ 07/07/2003 10:44 PM PST

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