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07/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Version 19"

Just Wingin' It version 19: "Ye Shall be as Gods"

Something of a culmination of my Xenosaga fandom in a layout. KOS-MOS r0x0rz. She deserved a layout. She got one. ^_^ Not exactly a highly original and/or revolutionary layout, but it looks good enough and I needed to change the layout badly. If your care enough, leave you thoughts.

My socio teacher is an interesting man. While he teaches us stuff from his lesson plans, he always seems to stray away from them and goes on about socio and economic theory. I like that. It's very fascinating stuff. Today one of his little tangents was on the subject of naturally affluent societies (I'm pretty sure that's the term). Essentially, in socio theory, this term refers to a society where the people are "prosperous" living off the land. Where people are satisfied with the "measly" pickings of the lands. Now I don't know about you, but I don't need socio theory to tell me that there is such a thing. Why else do you think I've said before that I would like to live a few centuries ago with the Ainu? Sure, maybe because I have an obsession with Nakoruru, but aside from that, they are a naturally affluent society. They are happy hunting, farming, conversing, singing, and the like. Now that's a life. Although I really enjoy thinking and analyzing most things, I gotta admit, life would probably be a more fun if I didn't have as much education. *sigh* I suppose you can say it's societal backlash or something, but dang, I'm envious of such societies. There are few if any left in the modern world. Such a shame really....

Oh, let me just say that Happy Lesson Advance, the new Happy Lesson TV series (w00t!!! XD), rulz muchly. In the first episode, there's a short, but sweet, sequence of Kisaragi in a sailor fuku. Yes, I am easily pleased. XD

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I'm so late! But I love your new layout. It's *very* pretty.

Posted by Steph @ 07/17/2003 09:57 AM PST

I can read the log!! I can read the *log*!!! (collapses into weeping fit of joyful crying) XO

Posted by Dez @ 07/14/2003 04:32 PM PST

I love your layout! It's very artistic ^^ Keep up the great work =)

Posted by Rinoa @ 07/12/2003 06:40 PM PST


Posted by Cloudzero @ 07/12/2003 01:42 AM PST

Cool layout! Nice purple and white colors

Posted by Kim @ 07/11/2003 07:15 PM PST

Nice Layout :D

Posted by Anthony Ng @ 07/11/2003 06:46 PM PST

kee kee i saw u working on this... XD or at least i saw this at work o.o;;;
do chaos X3 that'd be sweeeeeeeeet
(like CANDY)

Posted by Cinti @ 07/11/2003 11:58 AM PST

purdy :D

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/11/2003 04:20 AM PST

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