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07/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Nothingness"

Ha~.... The last three days exemplify exactly what I love about summer: nothing. Or, the ability to do nothing specifically. Have I been at all productive? Not in the least. Do I care? Not at all. XD What have I been doing? Um... playing with friends, playing video games, and watching anime. ^_^ Friday was spent with the friendly unit "Eric" as we went about to Fry's, Kinokuniya, and Tapioca Express. He picked up Xenosaga at Fry's. He's a good boy. XD It's on sale at my local Fry's for $20 this week. Quite the steal. That's 2/5 of what I paid and I feel that I've gotten all my money's worth. Saturday was staying at home and watching .hack//SIGN. I've been meaning to do that for a while, but I never got around to it. Finally, I just sat myself down, started over from the beginning (I had watched five episodes previously) and went through it. I can't say it's among my favoriter series, but it was rather compelling. It's amazingly abstract at times. Kinda esoteric if you ask me. Or maybe it's because the fansubs were incosistent and probably erroraneous at times. I get the feeling that the meanings behind a number of passages were not correctly conveyed by the amateur fansubbers (not to lambaste them or anything; all fansubbers are amateurs). I may have to watch the Bandai release sometime. Overall though, a good series. Subaru rulz. She is such a powerful character. Not literally, but her personality is so deep. She leaves me with a very strong impression. And today, I went over to the friendly unit "Sataya"'s house for some quality Guilty Gear XX play time. I need some healthy competition sometime at something now, don't I? ^_^ Spent a few hours there and played some good matches.

Now I'm just sitting here and going "nyeh." There's little responsibility holding me down and I feel good. A little hot, but good. I think I'll scurry off to play some .hack//Infection. I borrowed it. ^_^

Just a note: I want "Second Flight," the opening to Onegai Twins! I doubt it's even on a single yet though. -_- Gotta love I'VE Sound. XD

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i play with u on SCII..... i have got better in SC.......I want a rematch with u k?

Posted by Anthony Ng @ 07/21/2003 04:01 PM PST

*gently pulls on sempai's top* I thought you were gonna take me to Kinokuniya? 8S lol Its okay, your probably busy and I see your entitling us as units now. XD It's like chapters in a text book or something. Unit 6, how to be a better artist than Kristine. LMAO. Heeyy, we're not finished with our competition yet. However, I doubt I'm a worthy opponent, but call me if you wanna play sometime. Sure, I might be outta practice, but I'll strive. >=o*makes veteran war cry*

Posted by Hana @ 07/21/2003 12:30 AM PST

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