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07/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Stupid Internet Bull"

Aw man, them internet advertisers and such are getting really annoying. -_-

It started maybe yesterday or the day before. For the first time in a while, I got one of those "pop-ups that aren't internet browser pop-ups, but Windows windows pop-ups." Ironically enough, it was for a program that would stop such pop-ups. O_o; I didn't think much of it, so I just closed it. Things only started getting worse though. I got pop-up after pop-up about programs that would stop them. -_- And the worse thing is that they aren't the same program! Why the hell are all these separate companies who all want to stop such pop-ups using them as an advertisement medium!? -_- And besides the pop-ups, I've also been experiencing problems with a changing startup page. It has happened to me before, but never on this computer which I started using well over a year ago. Why is everything hitting me all at once!? What did I do!? ;_;

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Hey david its me. I know how to stop those kinds of popups. It's not adware, its actually built into windows and its quite simple to turn it off! But im not sure how i would explain it. If you want, i could go over and turn em off for ye. Just email me and ask if you want. later!

Posted by Ronald Saldivar @ 07/27/2003 10:37 PM PST

Yes David, this was what I meant when askin' 'ya about the Adaware program... I hate these dang things...

Posted by Cloudzero @ 07/26/2003 12:26 AM PST

Yes, you're saying what I've been saying to the few who would listen ever since I got my new com. Those Windows pop-ups are the most worthless things in existence simply because nearly if not all of them are ads for software that will stop them in the first place. Windows is evil in this aspect.

Posted by Shelly @ 07/25/2003 05:25 PM PST

Simple, you've angered the Gods. Which ones, I'm not exactly sure.... XD

Posted by Dez @ 07/25/2003 02:47 PM PST

your computer hates you! LoL... j/p

Posted by Yellow Tamago-chan @ 07/25/2003 10:15 AM PST

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