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07/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Samurai Spirits Zero"

Thank you SNK. Thank you for Samurai Spirits Zero. Sorry, I'm just a little emotional right now. It has been seven years since the last 2D SS release and I've missed it terribly. Sure, playing SS2&4 have been a blast, but I've definately entertained the thought that a new game would be cool for years. Now that it's here though, I don't know what exactly to think about the new system changes. It sounds that they messed with the system a bit too much. I liked the old system, darnit! And about the new characters, some of them are rather lame. I don't like the idea of having "bust clone" characters, but I gotta admit, Rera looks pretty cool. But whatever I may have to say about it, I still anticipate it and I will devote a lot of money and time into it. It's the return of my beloved Nako in 2D glory (no, the Nako game does not count). It's been far too long. Welcome back Nako.

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nyuuuuuuu!!! tsu-kuuuuun!!! *tackles* wah... i haven't been posting (comments)... but i have been reading... so so so... yesh, i'm alive! >_<

*crickets chirp*

nyeh... heh... heh... ^^; anyway!!! mizuki and i were talking and since i'll be going to berkeley this coming fall semester (i.e. moving on up to northern cali) we were all wondering if we could, like, meet up! *the horror, i know* XD but yah... just a thought... *watches you run away in horror* XD keep in touch, ne! will update and spam! *spams*

Posted by riku @ 07/29/2003 12:04 AM PST

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Posted by Megui-chan. @ 07/28/2003 08:20 PM PST

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