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07/29/2003 Archived Entry: "The Tale of Sarteza"

*munches on a lychee* =3 Lychees rule! XD

Well, geez, I feel that I've been neglecting this thing. It's not like I don't want to write, it's just that I feel that there's nothing to write about. Life has been good to me, but nothing extraordinary has happened. I've just been taking easy classes, slacking off a lot, and playing with friends.

Hm... the other day I went over to my friend's house to BS a story for a socio paper! ^_^; Yeah, the topic of the paper is something about class or caste struggles between cultures. I had to interview one person, tell a little about him in the paper, and explain his struggles. Growing up in San Jose, California, you really don't get too much discrimination. At least, when compared to most any other city in the US. With the sheer amount of diversity around, I figured it'd be kinda hard to get some decent stories from my friends, who are the only people I really care to talk to for a forgettable paper like this. Unfortunately, none of them could really help me. ^_^;; That was when, with my friend Vincent's prompt, I came up with the brilliant plan to BS some random guy and tell about his generic struggles! XD We talked it over and invented a young nineteen-year-old by the name of "Ryan Sarteza." He's a Filipino guy and we told about how he went home to the Philippines and faced slight, but realistic discrimination over there. Really generic discrimination, but apparently it's common enough, that it won't sound too out of place. ^_^

Um... I'll post more if I can think of things. I think I'll take up the practice of posting topics when I think of them. Otherwise, I'll just forget them by nighttime. ^_^;;

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BSing rules =)

Posted by T-chan @ 08/01/2003 10:03 AM PST

I dunno, maybe it's just because I never really felt discriminated against. If I had, I was probably young and too naive to understand what was happening or just don't feel offended by it, mostly the latter.

Discrimination would be hard for me... I'd interview my mom about her struggles during the Vietnam War. THAT'S a struggle.

Posted by Saka @ 07/30/2003 08:37 PM PST

A BS paper! Good for you, kiddo. You done me proud, as a former English Major. XD

Posted by Dez @ 07/30/2003 04:52 PM PST

Why not deal about discrimination? Everyone has experienced discrimination at least once in their life because of their race, class, or caste. While racial discrimination is an easier one to tackle, it was not the only topic available. Besides, if one person cannot provide the interviewer with a story, it's up to the interviewer to find someone who can.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 07/30/2003 09:25 AM PST

Oi, good senpai! ::pat pat:: You should've asked me!I've dealt with racial discrimination before. =P I would've helped you.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 07/30/2003 07:56 AM PST

Heh. Forum threads draining your brain of topics? j/k

Posted by Cloudzero @ 07/30/2003 02:44 AM PST

Why did the paper have to deal with discrimination? That's a strange thing for a teacher to assume that everyone knows somebody who dealt with racial discrimination.

Posted by Saka @ 07/29/2003 10:20 PM PST

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