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08/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Jeffrey's BBQ"

Today I actually did something log-worthy! *pauses for gasps*

Yes, I realize most of you are just flabergasted, but today was fun with the friends in the park. My friend Jeff was hosting a BBQ thingy for the hell of it. Simply put, the was fun with friends + meat. It doesn't get any better than that. XD

Why must people feel compelled to do physical activities when they're outside? I mean, come on, that takes, like, physical exertion on my part. ^_^; If you can't tell and haven't been reading reguarily, I don't like sports. Never been good at them and probably never will be because I don't care to spend time practising them. I have only exhibited skill at martial arts and that isn't exactly a team sport. However, today, there was a group of peoples who wanted to play ultimate frisbee. I hear it's an interesting sport, but it's just not my cup of tea. Never played it, but it doesn't compell me enough to play it, even after watching it in action.

Quite the interesting time was had when the astrology book was brought out. There was much fun had before my friend Allan found the erogenous zones for each astrological sign. Then much too much fun was had. XD I was quite curious what mine would supposedly be. Apparently, Aries's have very sensitive heads and faces. ^_^;;; I don't know if that's true though because, honestly, no one has fondled my head before. ^_^;;;;; What kinda erogenous zone is that? I don't know about you, but if you want an erogenous zone, I suggest just going for the crotch. The single most effective spot if you ask me. *shrugs*

On the home slacking off front, I've been rather attached to my PS2 and Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. After completing Xenosaga, I've been on the lookout for another RPG to play. Kinda on a whim, I picked up Arc the Lad; hoping for the best. I do that on occasion. I like going out and purchasing something I've never experienced before, but heard good things about. Sure, it's risky spending, but life's more exciting that way. ^_^ This particular venture turned out quite nice. Arc the Lad is very compelling. The narrative style quite reminds me of Xenosaga, only with less digital voice. that's a good thing. Kinda trying to get myself calmed down from Xenosaga goodness, so that I can get back to "normal" RPGs. Arc the Lad's something of a step down in terms of intensive narrative, so after this I may be able to get back to something like Eternal Arcadia or Grandia II. But yeah, Arc the Lad is very good. Give it a shot if you have a PS2. ^_^

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Man, i'm sorry I missed it....T_T Ne, was that Astrology book called "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need", cuz I'm borrowing that right now from someone and I agree, it is pretty interesting. I'm with you on the zones tho; I do not find someone massaging my knees and calves erotic....XD In that regard, call me a Taurus (neck, earlobe)!

Posted by Dez @ 08/06/2003 10:20 AM PST

*pokes david's face*

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/04/2003 01:47 PM PST

yay it was fun! i wished more people did play, but oh well!

Posted by Yellow Tamago-chan @ 08/03/2003 10:54 PM PST

heh heh that was pretty fun, its been awhile since I can crack up a few laughs in awhile. I feel refreshed and happy to see all of my sempais again. AN I SO FUCKING AGREE, SPORTS is the devil himself. O yah, I'm really lovin this Ainu book you lend me, I never knew there was this much detail about Nako's tribe n things. *sparkles over the pretty design patterns* Sowwy I just gotta harass someone with those. XP

Posted by Hana @ 08/03/2003 12:03 AM PST

YEah, BBQ was lotz of fun! ^_^ I hate sports! haha, especially basketball! okya, I like 2 sports, but they're not much of team sports really, bowling and....Tennis, okay that is s team sport...but not a big team! haha.

Yeah, that book was pretty darned interesting. XD Go Allan! haha.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 08/02/2003 10:40 PM PST

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