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08/09/2003 Archived Entry: "San Francisco Trip"

Thursday was my last day of the summer quarter! XD That's great news already, but what makes it better is the fact that my two finals were super easy. XD XD XD For my socio final, we were given five topics to write two three to five page essays about. We were given the choice of what two topics we wanted from the five total. Well, I already handle essay tests easily, but this is one of those "you can be general because I want you to demonstrate only an understanding of the subject material" tests. XD Needless to say, I'm certain that I did fabulously. I managed to finish the class without taking any notes; which, some of you may remember, was my goal. Then as for my art final, um... there wasn't much.... We had to do a final project at home, so by the time we actually got to the class, we didn't need to do anything besides display it in front of the class and explain what we drew about. That went rather smoothly and before I knew it, the class was over. That signified the beginning of my summer break. XD If I can recall correctly, I get a month or a month and a half off now. Sweet.

Yesterday, I went to San Francisco with a group of my friends. There were, like, twenty-two other people I think. Yes, we are insane. ^_^; First, we made our way to Japantown and got something to eat because, by the time we got there, it was already about lunch time. I don't know the name of the restaurant where most of us dined, but it was some noodle joint. I got udon and some rice with unagi/eel. It was a lunch special. ^_^ What peeved me about the lunch specials was that there was no way to refer to them with a name! There were pictures of them on the front of the menu, but no text whatsoever! -_- How do they expect me to recognize when mine has arrived without a name when there's the possibility that it could be someone else's at the table? There were, ten plus people there. -_- I eventually got it though, so that was some good eating. Directly afterwards, there was some playing in the Kinokuniya. From what I heard, I imagined that it was quite a bit larger than the San Jose one, but it isn't. Hell, after the San Jose one moved to that new space, I think it's the same size as the San Francisco one. The San Francisco one did have a better collection of bishoujo-game CG artbooks though. ^_^ I wanted that Carnellian artbook, but I didn't have the kind of money to just spend about freely like that. Instead, I picked up the Kanon&AIR book by Izumi Rei. It's one of those fanbooks that get professionally published and has the Kanon and AIR characters interacting. It's a fun book and I really like it, even though I haven't played AIR. ^_^;; After our little Japantown outing, we made way to Fisherman's Wharf. There, we split up and decided to meet up at a pre-arranged time. I stayed with the group that decided to head to the arcade. XD There was little variety in terms of games, but at the least, they did have Soul Calibur II. A couple of the guys and I had some fun playing each other. Before we knew it though, we had to be back in the meeting spot. By then, it was getting kinda late and approaching dusk. Some of us had to leave and some people were kinda tired. You may be asking: "already!?" Well, try managing twenty-three people sometime. ^_^; So, after a quick stop to a Disney store and Borders, we made our way home. Before I left, we all made a trip to Mipitas Tapioca Express though. ^_^ The others were going to do something afterwards, but I couldn't go with them, so I came home where I showered, ate, and fell asleep because I was bored and my sister was using the computer (thus no entry yesterday).

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