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08/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Naruto"

Haven't been up to much, so didn't write. Also been watching a lot of anime. ^_^; Hey, that's fine when it's Naruto. Man, Naruto freakin' rulz! XD Over the last few days, my sister and I have been watching it in little mini-marathons when she didn't have work. We've gone through all the available episodes (currently 44) and are wanting more. ;_; That Kakashi r0x0rz. I'm kinda considering cosplaying as him.... ^_^ Oh, and Sakura's cute. /no1 The series is good stuff. Not exactly as good as my--still--favorite shounen series One Piece, but it's pretty nice. From how I see it, it's something kinda in between One Piece and Rurouni Kenshin. One Piece is a bit simplier in comparison, while Kenshin is a fair amount more complicated, but Naruto really feels like those two series at times. That's a good thing because I like both to death, which makes Naruto rule. ^_^

Mini Opinionated Rant:
What is up with parents naming their male children things like "Leslie," "Ashley," "Stacey," and the like? Sure, I understand that gender boundaries have been slowly eroding, but come on, you don't have to go that far. I'm sorry, but those are pansy names. A man can be the manliest man in the world, but if he has a pansy name, he has a pansy name. Honestly, that's like the parent pasting a big "kick me" sign on their children's back; they are just asking for trouble. Darn liberal yuppies....

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Actually, David, those WERE boys names to begin with, back in the old days. They weren't meant to be unisex, but parents in more modern times started to like these names for their girls and then they're now considered girls' names now. I knew a male Ashley, nice guy. I mean, look, how many kids do you see with the names of department stores (Macy), cars (Mercedes, Lexus), and other such objects. Names are funny things, they're something other people give to you, and yet they're so personal to oneself.

Man, I love my baby name books. Didja know that Shakespeare created the name Jessica? Odd, odd things.

Posted by Dez @ 08/15/2003 07:04 PM PST

i think ashely is a good guys name.

Posted by Yellow Tamago-chan @ 08/15/2003 05:24 PM PST

Naruto rules Sasuke is cool

Posted by Anthony @ 08/15/2003 02:01 PM PST

Stacey? Whoa... our world is starting to get more and more crappylicious...

Posted by Cloudzero @ 08/15/2003 03:46 AM PST

guys named stacey? o_o how odd. i'm not too big a fun of er... overly unisex names, so to speak, especially when i gotta call or email or meet some person i've never met before and can't tell whether they're male or female by the name. @.@ hella confusing... hella embarassing...

anyway, d00d! kakashi is... *_* although i must say i like sasuke better cuz he's angsty like that. *oohohoho*

shall email you! ^^-

Posted by riku @ 08/14/2003 09:41 PM PST

Yeah, I totally agree with that. I can understand the unisex names like Jamie and stuff, but girls named Brandon and boys named Ashley are just.....wrong.

Posted by Shelly @ 08/14/2003 03:48 PM PST

He he , so your in to the Naruto madness too!! LOL KUDOS dear sempai! An yes, you'd make a decent Kakashi, but the only problem would be having to shove the left part of your bangs in junk, unless you grow your hair enough. OO plus you need a copy of Come Come Paradise. XD

However, OP STILL owns your mom. >=P

Posted by Hana @ 08/14/2003 10:20 AM PST

Naruto rules ^_^.. the manga is really good too.

you SHOULD cosplay as Kakashi!!.. they are selling his vest thing on ebay.. if you are too lazy to make it yourself =P

haha i know what you mean about the names.. I just met a girl recently and her name was Brandon

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/14/2003 12:53 AM PST

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