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08/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Life is Good"

Man, I really need to do something. I haven't been out to do something since... um... Saturday...? I think that was it. Don't know how I've been killing the time. Just been slacking off and watching anime. I guess I should be kinda glad that I have so much time to do nothing though. I haven't had time like this in a good while, all with the schooling and such. All things considered though, life is good. No obligations = relief. *Sigh*

Been working on my Guilty Gear XX game again. My May's looking decent as always, but I'm trying to get more Bridget and Johnny down. Bridget I have a pretty good grasp of, but I still need to work on more yoyo setups. Johnny... I kinda understand him, but I really need to get his air combos down or else I'm gonna be stuck with a pokey Johnny forever. Sure, it works, but it's not quite as effective as a air combo crazy Johnny. Aa~... practice practice....

*Listens to sister talk* She be on the phone right now as I type. Actually, I'm only typing because she's speaking. You see, we were watching Get Backers together (rewatching for me), when she got a phone call. Now the file's paused and I'm killing time on the internet. I want to finish up the Kazuki/Jubei fight. ;_; Kazuki rulz. Remember that. XD *Sounds of a door* She's done! I'm off! *Scurries*

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