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08/15/2003 Archived Entry: "Stupid Shades.... *Shakes Fist*"

The young'uns grow up so quickly! *tears* One day they're twerpy freshmen and then after a few years, they're all grown up twerpy seniors! ^_^ Man, time passes so quickly, but those freshmen who were in my high school anime club are now seniors and the ones in charge of things. As a former president-type-guy for the club three years ago, I was invited to a pre-school planning meeting today to give advice and such. Haha, they're so gung-ho. So many good ideas that won't work. You see, from what I've observed of high school anime clubs, they generally don't have very great member participation. You can have the greatest activity idea in the world, but if no one is willing to participate, then it won't be worth the resources. Ms. President of last year and myself had to get that into the new officers' heads. It's sad, but because of the state of affairs, the club will never be anything too spectacular. That's something I feel is very wrong with high school anime clubs. It seems that school anime clubs don't start getting serious until college. *sigh* Anyway, yeah, that's how I spent a chunk of my day.

I've been trying to spread the gospel that is Guilty Gear XX. XD Got some people who don't play it to try it out today. Unfortunately, they kinda resorted to button-mashing. ^_^; I'm not a big fan of button mashing. I figure that it's much more productive to spend my time trying to figure out the attacks and game system, as opposed to spending that time aimlessly hitting random buttons and learning nothing. Of course, that's me and I guess not everyone's like me....

Over dinner, my sister told me a story about her friend. Apparently he went into a retail clothing store and asked one of the employees for a shirt in the color "slate." Now, needless to say, the employee didn't know what color that was. Not sure what he did from there, but he was ranting about it to my sister and saying that the employee should know that if she was working in a clothing store. This made me think of the fact that there are way too many color names. I suppose I understand the logic behind them, but geez, there's just so many! Give me something and I'll describe the color like: "that's a light green" or "that's a dark blue." I guess I'm just one of those stereotypical guys, but I can't help it. I've never had to know any shades before. I suppose I might have to learn them because I'm most likely going into an art major, but for now, I'm gonna complain about them, just because. Stupid shades.... *shakes fist*

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Yes! I be button masher cuz I b3 t3h suck at fighters!

Hmm...Just too bad about the members tho. I'm sure if it had been the crew from ur years, Tsubasa, with Sexy crew, the 3 academic-elite-yet-otaku girls, and whoever else, I would have thought there would be more participation... Oh well... *sighs*

Posted by Cloudzero @ 08/17/2003 03:54 PM PST

Let's attack Tsu-chu's comment box XD
Waiii--- That's amazing, Tsubasa! I discovered Fanime in '01/'02. It's very late, ne? ;; We could have arranged a meeting or some sort this FanimeCon .. Next year will be definite, ne? I want to see you and Riku~! <3

Posted by mizuki @ 08/17/2003 02:42 PM PST

Gyuuu... That's such a coincidence, Tsubasa! You went to San Francisco on Auguest 8th! XDD Just 5 days before me =p If we arranged it on or during August 15th we would surely have met Riku! *hearts*
Btw, go to Fanime next year! Riku will go-- heck yahhh-- I'm gonna force her =3 LoL. I don't think I need to. XDD
Slate is a light shade of gray? o___O;... Then I think I'll rethink about going to art... Heck no am I going to remember and become obsessed about color shades.. Meh T_T

Posted by mizuki @ 08/17/2003 02:02 PM PST

Slate is actually a light shade of gray. I only know this because my sister, who didn't know it either, got it from her friend. *shrugs*

Posted by Tsubasa @ 08/17/2003 11:54 AM PST

Oohhh, I love the anime club at my school... *sigh* Good memories...
<----saw a sophomore looking senior TT...
I was so attached to him ;
_; Now he's left to UCLA....gaaa~h.
[lmao] If there's so many shades of color then I'll die! I don't even know how the color slate looks like... looks like blue, ne?

Posted by mizuki @ 08/16/2003 04:58 PM PST

Are you making fun of me? XD

Posted by Hana @ 08/16/2003 02:05 PM PST

Yep, it's hard getting it into certain people's minds the truth about being a club officer, which is sad considering that said certain people have BEEN club officers. Still, gotta admire the optimism. Shame it's a waste.

Posted by Ms. President of Last Year @ 08/16/2003 10:23 AM PST

BUTTON MASHING!.... Sucks =P I used to do that.. then I stopped and acturally took the time to learn the moves *ie marvel VS capcom 2 :D* I wanna learn GGXX.. when I get the chances :D

colors are complicated things aren't they?

Posted by T-CJam @ 08/16/2003 09:35 AM PST

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