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08/17/2003 Archived Entry: "New Turtles My Half Shell"

Yesterday morning, while I was completely bored, I happened on the new Ninja Turtles remake while flipping through the channels. Now, if you didn't know, the fact that I was even flipping through TV channels means that I was really bored. You see, I don't watch TV. But that's besides the point, this paragraph is gonna be about the Ninja Turtles. You have to realize that I'm an old-school Ninja Turtles fan. I grew up on them cartoons, yo. Because of that, I had some interest in how they remade the series to appeal to the new generation of youngsters who can't handle a cartoon without the word "extreme" in it. My first impression: the opening sucks. Not catchy, hell not memorable at all because I more or less forgot about it the moment it stopped playing. Now the show itself wasn't much better. They are trying way too hard to be modern and "extreme." What's wrong with calling the characters by their full name? Why do the feel the need to shorten the names to "Leo," "Mike," "Don," and "Raph?" That bugged me slightly. The rest of the show was alright, but there was always the prevailent "extreme" theme. Oh golly. -_- I'll take my old-school Turtles anyday.

My friend had a sleep over yesterday! Unfortnately for me, I couldn't stay, but that didn't stop me from popping over for a little and playing with all my friends. OMFG, I didn't know Mario Party could be so much fun! ^_^; Yeah, we popped in Mario Party 4 and you wouldn't believe just how loud and rowdy we got. Over a board game too. ^_^;; But hey, I guess that's a testament to just how well-designed the games are. Gotta hand it to Nintendo. Just one thing wrong with the game: I don't seem to roll very high numbers. It's gotta be a programming error I tell you! *shakes fist*

Not much went on today, but I did start re-reading the Card Captor Sakura manga. OK, so technically, I started late last night, but hell, it was more or less today, so nyeh. I forgot how much I loved that manga. Sakura and Tomoyo! XD

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lol Mario Party is hella tyte. I just found an inspiration to get a gamecube now. XD I forgot to hide during the Hide and Go BOOM game. I'm gago I know. LOL.I keep getting my butt beaten badly, but I wanna play no!! !__!
YEAAHH I miss old skool TMNT. They dumbanized it NUUU! But I like Rapheal. =B

Posted by Hana @ 08/18/2003 11:17 PM PST


Peach: PEACH IS THE PARTY STAR (with a very high pitch annoying voice)


but yah. i wished you could have stayed ;_;!!! Next time, ne? Let's plan another sleep over soon, yah? well ok not that soon but anytime soon! Tina said that it's ok at her house. It was really fun!

Posted by Yellow Tamago-chan @ 08/18/2003 02:42 AM PST

meehh, sometimes i don't like it when they attempt to make an old show "cool" in its newer version. for some reason i liked raphael from ninja turtles... he's so grumpy.. lol-- i like grumpy from snow white... oooh, and i liked sailor mars from sailor moon when i was litten... oii, i'm getting stupid. well, i tend to like characters w/ red.. how weird... ~__~

Posted by mizuki @ 08/18/2003 01:38 AM PST

NInja turtles ruled!.. alllll about Donatelo.. the newer cartoons they have been making of it has been lacking.. weh =(

Reverse Fortune is Evil

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/17/2003 11:50 PM PST

turtles in a half shell turtle power! Ah...those were the days. Hell yeah old-schoool ninja turtles rocked. Yes, the shortening of names just seems odd. 6--;; Do they still have Splinter in the newer version? And like did they shorten his name to? to like "splint"? rofwl.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 08/17/2003 11:28 PM PST

Gomen! I haven't been commenting you^^;;;; You watch ninja turtles? Wow, I watched it like...in grade three or something...I liked it back then....of course, now we're addicted to more advanced stuff...

Posted by Sal @ 08/17/2003 10:44 PM PST

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