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08/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Chopin Sucks"

Chopin disgusts me. No one should have that much talent at age seven.

Today, I went over to my little cousin's house for her birthday party. Arrived a few hours late, but still got to fool around. Didn't really do much outside of talking and watching TV, but it was still fun. Somewhere into the night, my aunt made my two younger, female cousins (one of which was the birthday girl) play the piano. Considering how they've been playing for almost four years, they aren't half bad. The birthday girl played a piece by Chopin. I think it was a Polmanaise in G Minor, which was written when he was seven years of age. It was a good piece. That's why it annoys me. Seven-year-olds are supposed to be stupid and good for nothing. He isn't, so he sucks. ^_^ OK, so maybe it's because I didn't possess a noteworthy skill at the age of seven myself. Aw hell, it's debatable that I possess any noteworthy skill today. I dabble into many things, but I don't think I've ever exhibited an extraordinary skill for anything besides retaining useless information. Thus is my existance.

Thus Chopin sucks.

Earlier in the day, my dad took me to work with him. He does handyman work on the side of his technician crap and today he was going to change the ventillation fans and unclog a toilet at our dentist. You see, in the Vietnamese community, people like to rely upon other Viets, so while my dad isn't a "professional," he possesses enough skills to get jobs. Occasionally he drags me along to learn because he says I'm useless around the house. Usually I don't really care, but today I had an appointment with a friend. At least he, the friend, was reasonable enough to understand my situation. So, yeah, my dad took me with him and we did a good job. I more or less handled the fans by myself, while he handled the sink essentially by himself. I got $40. I guess that kinda makes up for not being able to play with my friend, but honestly, I would have rather have skipped out. Meh.

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Eric, Chopin wasn't asian...
I used to be able to pitch a baseball at 85+ mph when I was seven, but only cuz my uncle and dad made me practice like hoy since I was old enough to grip a ball. I can't do it anymore of course, but it's not like it was such a great accomplishment anyway. Even back then and to this day, I can't throw a ball straight ^^;;

Posted by Shelly @ 08/25/2003 11:11 AM PST

Dang them smart Asians that are forced to play piano and show their geniusness. Bah to them! ^^;;;

Posted by Cloudzero @ 08/24/2003 02:55 PM PST

I know, I'm just envious. *shakes fist* I actually quite respect the man.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 08/24/2003 09:35 AM PST

Don't be a Chopin-hater. You're just mad because you thought you had seven-year-olds all figured out.

Seven-year-olds are pretty smart, actually... I think... I dunno, everyone said I was pretty smart when I was seven or eight. I was able to read A Tale of Two Cities when I was seven, but I thought that was normal. :B

Posted by Saka @ 08/24/2003 08:32 AM PST

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