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08/26/2003 Archived Entry: "The Joy of Victory"

Life is somewhat interesting, so I'm lazy to write. I'm sure it's happened to you too.

Sunday was an interesting day. My friend challenged me to a matchup at Guilty Gear XX on July 23, to be held a month later, with a combo A (spicy chicken) combo from Tapioca Express on the line. The conditions of the match were that he was to play Ky and I was to play May: our best characters. Unfortunately, because of that little incident with my dad *points to the last entry*, that didn't happen on the 23rd of August (which was the scheduled match date). We held it a day later. Initially, we had a few practice matches and seriously speaking, I was a tad worried. Why? Because, well, he obviously had the higher winning ratio. ^_^;; That's never a good sign. However, when we had a couple of practice Ky/May matches, my game started to look substantially better. When we got into the actual match, well, lets just post the round progression to give you an idea:
(in reference to me, W = I win, L = I lose)
Note: best 3/5 rounds, 3/5 matches

-Match #1: W, W, L, W
-Match #2: L, L, W, W, W
-Match #3: W, W, W

Yes, I won. I guess I was just in my game or something. I'll attribute it to the fact that I grasp May's strengths and limitations well. Oh, that and the fact that I know how to play charge characters. Them dolphin uppers are highly useful. ^_^ So, I reaped the rewards: a bag of spicy chicken (level 5 of course) and a tapioca milk tea. The joy of victory. XD

Monday marked another work day. It went by, more or less, uneventfully. Towards the end though, my uncle and aunt just had to ask me about my personal affairs, with questions like "how many friends do you have?" and "do you have a girlfriend?" -_- Aw geez, that's a bit more than they need to know, don't you think? I answered them truthfully, but for crying out loud, that's the kind of stuff I shouldn't have to answer. And what kind of question is "how many friends do you have?" The average teenager has quite a number of friends and I am no different. It's not like I can count them on my hands and feet or something. Geez....

Today marked good things: Soul Calibur II for Xbox and GC. XD Apparently those were the only versions my local Gamstop recieved today, so I was only able to cash in on two of my pre-orders. Oh well. I got them, so I'm mildly happy. Not terribly excited cause, well, I've been playing the game at home for about five months already. ^_^; I gotta say though, the Xbox version is really nice. The textures are really crisp. Yes, call me superficial, but I think I have a new favorite version. ^_^; Hey, if that means that I see my Cassie in amazingly detailed glory, then it'll be my favorite version, darnit! XD

Um... gonna head off to bed now cause I have work tomorrow too. -_-

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hehe you beat him =P

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/28/2003 08:42 PM PST

Hmm...a match up against Ky...gee, I wonder who that was

All food tastes better when the taste of victory is added

Posted by Shellsteryism @ 08/28/2003 04:08 PM PST

Tsu-kun~! *hug* ^^ Wai, thankies for the comments :D

And... once I get my own car (my parents still can't decide which one lol) and am allowed to actually drive that far, sure I'll visit! XD

I'm glad your days are going by.... not too bad. ^^~ I'd write more but I need to run to class now. *Sweatdrop* ;_; Mou I miss summer already.

Posted by Saga @ 08/28/2003 09:48 AM PST

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Posted by Melissa @ 08/27/2003 03:53 PM PST

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