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09/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Your Mom's Pre-faded!"

You know what I was just thinking a little while ago? What the heck is up with them pre-faded jeans? I mean, like, why would you go out and purposely buy pants that are pre-worn-in? It honestly doen't make sense to me. I understand that these jeans are some kind of fashion statement, but I can't understand how wearing pants that are unnaturally worn-in could possibly be something considered attractive. If you want worn-in jeans (which I can't stand myself because jeans are supposed to be durable work pants), why don't you just buy a pair and wear them in yourself? At least that way the marks will look more natural. Personally, I like my stuff to look new when I buy them, but hey, that's just me.

My friend asked me to play tennis with him. You see, he wants to get some exercise because he thinks he doesn't get enough, so he wanted some people to play with him and he happened to ask me. As you might or might not know, I'm not a huge fan of sports, but after a little consideration, I decided I'd do it. I honestly don't know why. I've never drawn enough enjoyment out of a sport to consider it "fun." I guess it's just the fact that I'll be doing it with my friends, so maybe it won't be so bad after all. All things considered, it doesn't hurt to at least give it a shot. I have the strong inclination that I won't be anywhere near good, but hey, my friends won't mind.

Let me just say that I'm fine. *points to previous post* I appreciate the concern, but I always recover quickly, so by the next morning, I was just fine.

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I just saw some chick wearing some of those in the mall, with a chalk board smear mark covering her ass. They're hella ugly. ><;

Posted by Hana @ 09/08/2003 01:06 AM PST

I DON'T GET PRE-FADED JEANS EITHER!!! *hyperventilate* I understand different tastes, but I just can't stand them. I don't want big splotches of white on my ass cheeks, thank you very much.

Then again, I don't wear jeans anymore... I just were cargos and baggy pants. I can never find jeans that fit me.

Posted by Saka @ 09/07/2003 01:34 PM PST

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