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09/08/2003 Archived Entry: "O'doul's"

There was this thing I wnted to go on and on about, but I"m too lazy to write it right now. ^_^; Eh, lets see if I'll be up to it tomorrow.... ^_^;;

I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but it has always slipped my mind. Well, you see, my dad likes O'doul's. I don't understand that. Now, I'm not an alcoholic, but I've heard that the taste of beer isn't exactly the most pleasant thing in the world and that the vast majority of people drink it for the alcohol. O'doul's tastes like beer, but minus the alcohol content.... *scratches head* I've also heard that some people genuinely enjoy the taste of beer. I can't understand myself because there are other alternatives that'll give the same amount of alcohol and have a more universally pallette pleasing taste. Of course, this is all the rambling of a non-alcoholic, so excuse me if I'm wrong about anything.

Oh, oh! After watching Naruto 48, Rock Lee is now officially my favorite character! XD He was cool before, but after this episode, he's, like, ten times cooler, which, IMHO, gives him the one-up on the coolness of even Kakashi. Unless someone else does something really cool sometime, that decision's not going to change anytime soon. ^_^

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Alright. I will admit it. I am mildly pleased with them Naruto series that I just got around to watching. ^^;;

*stares at CD with #'s 4-7 on it*

Posted by Cloudzero @ 09/08/2003 11:02 PM PST

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