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09/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Me? Play Tennis?"

I played tennis for the first time today. Back in my high school days, us guys never got to play tennis. The girls would always have a tennis unit sometime during the year, but I guess it was switched for something like football or basketball for us guys. You know, them "masculine" sports. Tennis is too girly for real men. *cough* But that's besides the point. Today I played some with my friends, who are actually about my skill level: i.e. pretty bad. ^_^; But hey, if I gotta be bad at something, I'm glad I'm surrounded by others who can't do any better. XD It was my friend Allan, Vincent, and Terry. We split up into pseudo doubles teams and pretty much spent all our time trying to hit the ball back and forth and getting used to the game. Ohhohohoho, I think I have a talent for hitting the balls over the rather high fences. ^_^;;; It's not like I try to.... They just kinda... you know... fly that high when I try to return them.... Maybe it's because I prefer to use both hands on the racket for control and stability, but that's besides the point. ^_^ Eh... after more practice I'll certainly get better. At least, that's what I've heard.... ^_^;;

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Tsubasa hon, it's the internet.. you can never be too sure sometimes.

Posted by T-Chan @ 09/21/2003 08:54 PM PST

Buuu~ I was Ball Girl! Thanks to all the guys' antics, I had to work! XD Tennis is fun w/ ppl who are as good/bad as yourself.

Posted by Dez @ 09/21/2003 04:40 PM PST

tennis = fun.

*likes hitting people*

not on purpose, of course. ^^;;

*spams j00*

Posted by riku @ 09/21/2003 12:17 AM PST

Erm... it's Melissa w/ an alias...
Anyway tennis is hard isn't it? I'm taking the class at my highschool and it's purty challenging. I'm no good at it but it's cool. Keep practicing and you'll get better at it.

Posted by Hotaru @ 09/20/2003 05:57 PM PST

I guess sarcasm is loss to some of you people. I thought italics and the "*cough*" were enough of an indication that I was joking.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 09/20/2003 04:14 PM PST




some of them are girly

But that's not my point!! =O

Posted by T-Chan @ 09/20/2003 09:54 AM PST

but i feel that sports have no gender boundaries. I mean, you can do anything you like^^

Posted by Sal @ 09/20/2003 07:59 AM PST

u play Tennis? I suck at Tennis..... I need to play u in SCII

Posted by anthony ng @ 09/19/2003 09:01 PM PST

I suck at tennis, but that doesn't mean its a feminine sport. ^^;; If it was volleyball, I'd volunteer. Than again, I would be repeating the same incident that happened last Thursday. == ;;

Posted by Hana @ 09/19/2003 05:04 PM PST

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