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09/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Second Day of Schoolness"

Day of school #2

For the most part, the class composition for today was radically different from Monday. I did have Anthro in the morning again. I have it every day, Monday through Thursday. Nothing much to note about that....

Directly afterwards was a class I wanted to add: Art 16A or beginning oil painting. The teacher is... um... a colorful guy.... He went on for a little while about how he's really liberal and how he pretty much allows anything we want in our projects, all in the name of self-expression and such. Seems like the students are allowed a lot of freedom with their works, but he will grade the pieces somewhat harshly. Well, anyway, after the class, he added a few people and I just happened to be one of them! XD Yay! I got into one painting class. It's the harder and more expensive one, but hey, I got in one. ^_^;;

Finally, I wanted to add one more class, but that was in the evening, so after heading home for a while, eating, helping my sister load her car and seeing her off on her return to Davis, and finally returning to school, I headed over to the classroom. The class is Art 12: design and color. As I came in and sat down, I looked around and saw that there was plenty of space for everyone who showed up to sit down. That's always a good indication when you want to add a class. ^_^ Ms. Teacher Lady deliberates for a while and allows us to fill out a survey and then finally adds people to the class. And, who'da thunk, I made it into this class too! XD Good day. Something that's not quite so good: I have to get some acrylics for this class. After not getting into acrylic painting, I thought I didn't have to pickup any. ^_^;; Oh well, I only have crappy acrylics at home anyway. It'd do me good to get some decent stuff.

All in all, my quarter's looking good. I was a bit worried there for a while because I actually forgot to register for my classes during the summer and when I realized it, my registration date had already passed over a week ago. ^_^;;;;; I'm just glad that I was able to add into most classes I wanted. I really wanted to start in on 3-D design already, but the class didn't have a waitlist. ;_; Next quarter. I should have priority.... XD

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What kind of Acrylics do you need, cuz I have a bunch I'm not going to use for awhile. I can give 'im to you if they're the right kind. Drop me a line ^_^.

Posted by Dez @ 09/27/2003 02:35 PM PST

Aaaack, sorry about your 3D Design class. That sucks. I've never taken art classes, not really interested because the art teachers at my school either can't draw or can't teach. But my art's not *that* bad. It's not good though. Anyway, good luck in getting into the 3D glass next time.

Posted by Hotaru @ 09/25/2003 04:31 PM PST

Wooo, I hope you have fun in acrylics class, but believe me its not one of my most favored medias. ^^;; And its great that you finally have some kind of art interst that suits you. Welcome to my world!!! XD

Posted by Kristine @ 09/24/2003 07:47 PM PST

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