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10/01/2003 Archived Entry: "Women Have Rights?"

The other day, in my art history class, we were going over the stele of Hammurabi. For those who aren't familiar with the term (and honestly, I don't expect many), a "stele" is a big standing stone um... thingy in the general shape of um... think of this "U" upside down. ^_^; Well, you know what? On the other side of this stele is the code of Hammurabi, which, if your education was anything like mine, you heard about in your world history classes, and hell, I'm getting a Californian education, so I'm sure most everyone--at least in the US--has heard of the thing. Essentially, the code, marks the first recorded written law. Well, more like a collection of the doctorines Hammurabi put into order during his reign over the Babylonians. While hearing about it all my life, I never really knew what any of those laws were. That is, until my teacher decided to name off a few of them. You know what genuinely surprises me about those laws? They give women some rights. *shocked* In such early societies, there was no concept of "gender equality," so I expected the women to be totally exploited, as in just about every other ancient society. Nope. Apparently, in the case that the man didn't take care of the woman and/or behaved inappropriately as to disrespect her (and other things along those lines), the woman was entited to take her dowry and return to her father's house. While tame by today's "total equality" standards, that sounds amazingly "modern" for such olden times. Sure, in the case that the woman neglected and/or disrespected him, he was allowed to keep her as a slave and take a new wife, but, considering everything, that doesn't seem too far out there. I just find it fascinating, that's all.

What'cha know? I'm reading a book. *pauses* If you missed something, remember folks, I don't read for leisure and I rarely have to read them for classes. That was a pause for gasps. Why is it that I'm doing such an unusual thing? Well, of the reasons previously stated, it's the latter. Unfortuantely, for my Anthro class, I need to read the novel The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. But, in total honesty, the book isn't bad. It's about the Marburg and Ebola viruses and reaccounts stories based on outbreaks and research into these filoviruses. It's surprisingly rather captivating. There's just something suspenseful about the writing. I'm not saying that I whole-heartedly recommend it, but it's a very good read, so if you're into some science... um... non-fiction (every incident was real) and actually enjoy leisurely reading (you're a freak), then check it out.

Lets talk about my leisurely time! What have I been doing? Well, aside from the normal computer stuffs, I've been doing some nice gaming. I recently acquired Snow for the Dreamcast. Yes, I know, I can't read any of it and I have far less than a conversational grasp of the language, but darnit, I find that it's a fun game and that's all that matters, isn't it? ^_^ The story seems intriguing. I need to try to find a summary or something sometime. ^_^;; Oh, I picked up the Sakura Taisen movie today. I really like the movie. It's such eye candy. I love high budget Production I.G. stuff (but what of theirs isn't high budget? ^_^;). I'm such a big ST fanboy. I'm glad I finally get to ditch my crappy fansubbed version. No fansub can even touch upon DVD quality goodness. Whoever is satisfied with digisubs has very low standards. Or possibly mine are too high. Nah~... couldn't be....

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Fansubs have horrible video and audio quality. The subtitling work is arguably better at times (although digisubs seem to be on the "bad" side these days), but I would take crappy subbing and better video/audio quality anyday.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 10/03/2003 10:46 PM PST

I dont really think it's " low standard" to feel that someone is satisfied with fansubs. If the person feels that it's good enough for them and they like, then horray for them.

Posted by T-Chan @ 10/03/2003 09:41 PM PST

Snow has amazing CGs, that game sure does....but it's hentai~~~! I want to look at the CGs, but my subconscious is pulling me back because I dont wanna get caught with one of those...compromising pictures....

Posted by Sal @ 10/03/2003 07:10 AM PST

Anything dubbed is the worst, especially any anime. ~_~ They change the plot over time and they make a noise for every damn move they make. *pissed* But you should read more often. I mean, gaming is everything apart from the usual anime and manga but you hafta read man...

Posted by Hotaru @ 10/02/2003 08:09 PM PST

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