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11/01/2003 Archived Entry: ""

It's been about a week since I last updated this thing. ^_^;; But hey, I got a good reason. Well, some would argue whether it is "good," but it's a reason none-the-less: I was playing Final Fantasy XI. Yes, the game is friggin' addicting. As a matter of fact, as I was writing this entry, I went to the PlayOnline to get the URL to the official FFXI site and that led into a little reading, which led into popping into the game for a "little" while, which resulted in me coming back to this entry hours later. ^_^;;;

Now, you may ask, what is so great about FFXI? Being that my last and only MMORPG experience was Ragnarok Online, a lot. Sure, RO's great and I love it to pieces, but FFXI has something that RO just plain lacked: a feeling of immersiveness. RO was plenty fun, but what I think makes it pale to FFXI, at least technically, is the feeling that you're actually playing within a living, breathing world. RO's world felt like a game world. FFXI's, while obviouisly still maintaining a game world feeling, manages to shed much of it and replaces it with a vast world full of fantasy and wonder. I just have the urge to run about and explore. I miss that feeling in RPGs. The last one that gave me such a sensation was Eternal Arcadia. But, Arcadia didn't allow me to play with my friends did it? There's an amazing feeling when you're trying to take everything in and playing alongside your friends. It gives you a sense of community and such. It took a little while, but after getting a world pass to get all my friends on a single server, we've been going on group outtings all the time. Many fun times were had. Sure, I could go on about how technically good the game is in terms of system, but that doesn't really matter much when compared to the kinds of emotions the game stirs up within me. Yeah, I enjoy it muchly.

If you want to get in on the game with me, notify me and I'll get you a world pass code. I'm playing on the Bahamut server.

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Hey... I'd like to play on Bahamut server.. do you think you can get me a World Pass to Bahamut..? please email to suhochunsah@hotmail.com thank you...

Posted by Lex @ 11/19/2003 12:28 AM PST

Hey, you live life to enjoy it. If FFXI brings me joy, then I'll continue playing it. ^_^ What's the difference between enjoying "real life" and a video game? Either way you're enjoying and that's what really matters.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 11/15/2003 04:15 PM PST

*looks at comment below* I agree. ^^; Only in a nicer way LOL.

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/11/2003 10:01 PM PST

I want to play FFXI...but I would like to retain both my life and my money, thank you very much. This is going to sound extremely selfish, but I hate that game because it gives you people no room for anything else in your life. Here's hoping for a return to the REAL world sometime in the near future.

Posted by Eps @ 11/09/2003 09:05 PM PST

Tooooo Daaaaaai =9

Posted by Tina @ 11/05/2003 07:18 PM PST

*chews on david* x-x david you're layout is so pretty! XD T.T.. you people and playing online.. the last time i played online was RO. ;-;

Posted by Rydia @ 11/05/2003 04:26 PM PST

Oh that looks so fun! If only I had the time, what with college and all. You'll just have to play twice as much for me. =)

Posted by June @ 11/04/2003 10:45 AM PST

LOL, the words of a true gamer. Well yeah I guess it's true playing w/ your friends is better but not all the time. LOL, they get on my nerves.

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/02/2003 11:22 AM PST

Yes, not to mention that FFXI is about as addicting as crack (well, many MMO's are).

It shall drain your brain away! Mw4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4h4!!!!

Sorry that I can't group with the rest this weekend. Gotta work on those UC statements! Give those monsters heck for me!

(Notes how short this post is and connects with the fact that FFXI is addicting... Hmm...)

Posted by Cloudzero @ 11/02/2003 01:55 AM PST

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