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11/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Hit a Friend Today!"

If you can't hit your friends, who can you hit?

I pose to you this question. But before you go: o_O;, allow me to explain. When was the last time you made a bad decision in life and really regreted it? Now think back: had a good friend of yours knew beforehand and hit you hard offside the head, would you have done it? What I'm trying to say is, it is my firm belief that when you care about people, it may be a good thing to hit them every once in a while when they do something stupid. "That's a bit extreme" you may contend. "I can just tell them that it's a bad decision and possibly distance myself from them." Well, screw those indirect methods. Giving them a nice, hard smack will accomplish the exact same thing and get your point across much more directly and, I believe, oftentimes, more effectively. I guess you can call it hard love or something. Of course, the harshness of the smack should be directly proportional to the stupidity of the decision(s)/action(s). It may not be a conventional belief, nor do I think that everyone will agree with me, but I think it is a sound belief.

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Received. And thus the world rejoices. ^_^

Posted by Tsubasa @ 11/24/2003 03:05 PM PST

Ooooookay. You should be getting it soon.

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/23/2003 08:20 PM PST

Seriously? Waaaah >.< It was so long too! Okay, I'll try it from a different e-mail address. Hopefully it will work. I'll comment again when I'm finished.

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/23/2003 03:25 PM PST

David. . . you forgot my birthday. . . sadness =0(

Posted by Christiana @ 11/23/2003 11:54 AM PST

*Blink blink* Um... I've been waiting for an e-mail and it seems that I haven't gotten it. I thought it would be one of those occurances where the e-mail takes a day or two to send, but I can't seem to find it in my inbox at all....

Posted by Tsubasa @ 11/23/2003 08:44 AM PST


Posted by citni @ 11/20/2003 10:09 AM PST

No problemo. Check your e-mail again. ^_^;

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/19/2003 08:26 PM PST

So sorry, if you sent me something via e-mail, I may have very well deleted it. I skim through my mail quickly before deciding on stuff to delete and I usually filter out everything, but I guess I missed it this time. Would it inconvenience you terribly to send it again? I'm sincerely sorry.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 11/19/2003 04:49 PM PST


Posted by Tina @ 11/18/2003 08:56 PM PST

You mean tough love? Yeah. You're right. Stupidity *should* hurt.

Posted by Dez @ 11/18/2003 07:10 PM PST

He blogs! oO
Whaaa XP Anyways, yeah I totally agree on the whole "hard love" smacking thing. LOL, it's fun once in a while too to give 'em a good whack. But usually I'll just laugh at them, I won't hit 'em.
By the way, check your e-mail.

Posted by Hotaru @ 11/17/2003 09:11 PM PST

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