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12/01/2003 Archived Entry: "Some Games for All"

I was too preoccupied with my dad's job loss and family stuff, that I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. So, although it may be late, I hope everyone had a great time. ^_^

My Thanksgiving was filled with much fun with family. Being that my grandpa's health seems to be deteriorating slowly, the family from southern California have been coming up to San Jose much more often and this holiday was no different. Some good times were had and I got to spend a good chunk of time with my cousin Teddy from Pasadena. Hell, I spent so much time with family, I didn't get to play FFXI all that much. *gasp* ^_^;

My uncle's such the opportunist. Family come up: he just happens to buy some tile for his kitchen. Before I knew anything, he gave my house a ring on Saturday and told my cousin and myself to help with something. He never even said what it was, so we were all: "eh...?" until we heard from my aunt after already leaving the house. ^_^;;; It's not that we would have minded, but could have at least told us what we were getting called to do. -_- Well, it was my first tile laying experience and, let me say, it wasn't that bad. I wasn't asked to actually lay down the tile, as two of my cousins had it covered, but I had to work on putting down some cement slabs, which acted as a platform for the tiles. At least they bought us dinner and pearl tea afterwards. XD

It's not everyday that I'm touched by a kind gesture, but I support them guys at Penny Arcade in their latest venture. They have worked out a deal with the Seatle Children's Hospital and AmazonCOM to give video games to the sickly kiddos for Christmas. That jesture itself is nice, but that probably wouldn't, by itself, touch me too much, but looking over the donations, I see people are donating the cash for a PS2/Xbox/GT3 Pack/etc. To see a good few people donating $100+ is quite compelling. I'll try to scrounge together some cash to donate something myself. Maybe not stuff along the lines of what I mentioned, but at least a GBA game or equivilent. I highly recommend that people at least look over the wishlist, even if you chose not to donate anything.

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oh yah! i was working at target and a friend told me this touching story:

There was a man who was buying a lot of stuff. Now don't think that's it was all for him, it wassen't. Instead when you look at the items you can tell that most of the itmes were things meant for his daugther, with a couple of necesitties for himself. He did not know how much all the itmes cost, but he needed them. Unfortunately his credit card would only let him pay $40 dollars, because that's how much credit he had left. After my friend rung up the items it came out to a whopping $90 (you know how expensive things are... and they were necessities too!). The father ended up taking out most of the daughters clothes and his stuff, but it still was not enough. The total was still over $40 dollars. The father was about to take off some more stuff when this man behing him, who has been there all that time, interrupted the man and asked, "are these for your daugther?" The father, baffled, nodded and said nothing. So the man turned to my friend and told her to put everying back and said that he would pay for everything.

Hearing that, i just wanted to cry... it was so touching. I was glad that there are actually people out there who are really nice. Now if only there were more people like that man... the world would be a better place.

Posted by Yellow Tamago-chan @ 12/01/2003 09:23 PM PST

Well that's nice. I've never donated anything but then I never have any money so...
Hope you had a nice T-day. Sorry about your grandpa's health. I have a grandma with the same problem. Hope he gets better soon though.

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/01/2003 04:38 PM PST

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