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12/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Finals Week"

And here I am, gearing up for finals week, which officially begins tomorrow. Technically speaking, final days don't officially begin until Tuesday, but one of my teachers has already scheduled one of my finals for tomorrow: my anthro teacher. Not too unusual I suppose, as that test is more or less like any of our normal tests and open note. ^_^ So anyway, what does my schedule look like? Well...

Monday: Anthro
Thursday: Art history and oil painting
Friday: Design

I already covered anthro.... Art history is going to be a cut and dry memorization affair. Easily the hardest final I have for this quarter. -_- My last two finals: oil painting and design are easy. Why is that? Well, actually, they're more like "turn in final projects periods." So, after I finish them, I should have nothing to worry about. ^_^ I've nigh finished my design project, but I haven't even begun on my oil painting project.

OMFG, I hate my oil painting final project! X_x The criteria are 1. represent "beauty" and 2. do it on a canvas that's no larger than 12"x16." I don't know how to represent beauty! ;_; I've spent days thinking about it on and off and I've got nothing! I suppose I got some foggy ideas..., but I don't think any of them would work out well for me. Agh! I need to figure out something now! This is in oil. It's not like I can work on it continuously like acrylic. I have to wait a day or more for it to dry before I start adding more! ;_;

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I won't say anything about how hard oil paint is, since I've never worked with the media before, but anyway just try your best. LOL and Beauty is the theme? Even I have trouble thinking about what's bootyful. Humans corrupted beauty enough... ^^;;

O btw, what classes are you taking at SJSU Tsu-sempai? The classes I tried taking were hella full already, but I think you need to add on the first day of school.

Posted by Hana @ 12/11/2003 10:57 AM PST

oil painting= hard =[

but you were in my dream doging missles XD

Posted by Tina @ 12/08/2003 09:44 PM PST



Posted by Hotaru @ 12/08/2003 05:54 PM PST

Well blogging is already a bad habit of mine. I usually do it once a week. LOL >.< BTW, did you not get my other e-mail? My blog's been up and runnin` for a bit. I didn't expect you to reply though.

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/08/2003 05:53 PM PST

Sometimes I wonder if people think I die. Agh! I need to make a better effort to log in a more timely fashion. I've really been slacking lately. X_x;;

Posted by Tsubasa @ 12/08/2003 05:21 AM PST

Yeaaah, you're right about them oil paints. I took oil-painting classes, and they are a bitch. ::pats you::. Well, good luck with that! Hope you can come visit this week.

Posted by Shellster @ 12/07/2003 10:53 PM PST

Hey. You finally blog again. I keep thinking you die. Yeah well representing beauty isn't hard. I mean with art you can never say something is ugly. Just wait to get inspired and it'll come. ^^

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/07/2003 10:17 PM PST

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