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12/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Done with Finals"

And thus I'm done with finals. ^_^

My anthro final was remarkably easy. It was culmulative, but it was open note and the questions were more general "you'd know this if you paid attention in the class" questions. Of course, I paid attention in class. XD My oil painting was fine. I turned in my final project.... I don't think it was the best work I ever did, but hell, it could have been much worse, so nyeh. My art history final was probably the worse one of the bunch. It wasn't culmulative, but it covered the portion of the quarter I paid the least attention to: the end. It's not like I purposely didn't pay attention.... Rather, I was nigh-falling asleep through a good number of the days. ^_^; I read some of my book to get what I may have missed, but it appears that I didn't really know what was covered at the very end of the course, so I had to wing it from there using good assumptions. -_-;;; Probably my worse test, but I think I did well enough in the course itself to cover this one. Then my design class. Turned in my final project there too. A little unrefined, but otherwise, passable. I think the design itself looked pretty cool, but the paint job.... I will be the first to admit that I've never been a particuarily great painter. Other than turning in that project, we had to take some BS test. Questions consisted of things like: "what did you learn," "what did you find most challenging in this course," and "would you recommend this course to your friends and why." O_o;;; Well, at least everything's done. I'm on Christmas vacation! XD

Not been up to much besides FFXI.... I'm now a level 26, very close to 27 white mage. XD I'll be able to work on getting a summoner soon! XD XD XD

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Yay, you're done! Here's an idea...COME VISIT SHELLY! =D

Posted by Shelly @ 12/15/2003 01:47 PM PST

Well at least you are on Christmas vaca. now. I have one more week of school. >.< Can't wait tilll it's over. You're so lucky you're out now. But then again, I'm not having a finals week right now. Just a regular exam. ^^;

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/14/2003 08:46 PM PST

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