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12/17/2003 Archived Entry: "No News is Good News"

It's winter break. Haven't been doing much.... I've taken this opportunity to spend some more time working and getting money. I'm really horrible when it comes to keeping money. I guess I just don't have a talent to save. But hey, the way I look at it, I don't have to save, so it doesn't really matter too much, does it? XD Now I'm working probably three to four days a week, so yeah.... That'll make me some good money, yo. ^_^

Oh, my sister's home. Since she's also on the quarter system, her finals ended when mine did. She has actually been home since Sunday. Um... we don't get too much time to play together, since we're both working and such, but we still get to just spend some quality slacking off time often enough. ^_^

Eh... been playing FFXI.... I'm now level 28.... ^_^; Honestly, there's nothing much to say about my daily happenings. In one way, I'm disappointed cause I can't give you peoples some kind of show, but on the other hand, there was some kind of saying.... Something about "no news is good news." Life is uneventful, but at the same time, quite enjoyable. Eh... I'll honestly try to post up random stuff as opposed to daily posts cause I simply don't care to remember too far back. ^_^;

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Yesh well when you're fifteen it's kind of hard to have any money period. Be lucky you're working. I'm trying to get my geometry grade up to get a job [and domain]. Score! LOL. Yeah and daily posting about what people do everyday starts to get kind of... repetitive...? I mean it's not like something big happens to me everyday so why post about it y`kno?

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/17/2003 09:49 PM PST

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