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12/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Darn Frivolous Lawsuits..."

OMG, people and their frivolous lawsuits. -_- Some lady is sueing my sister's workplace, Mervyns (more specifically, the Target corporation), because a shelf fell over. Here's how my sister described the situation to me:

Apparently, the lady was dragging her child about and the little girl was just bawling because she didn't want to go along with her mother. Something happened and a shelf fell over near them. My sister believes that the child may have grabbed onto a near-by object, as not to be dragged along, but she really can't say anything for certain because she didn't see it. Anyway, the lady started complaining loudly that it landed on her toe and could have broken her foot. My sister observed that she was walking normally. -_- Then she went about shouting loudly that the place was unsafe and that children should be kept away, yadda, yadda, yadda. In other words, a bunch of bull. Then she filed an accident report with the store and that was the end of the ordeal or so people thought. It seems that she hired an attorney and now she's sueing the Target corporation. My sister was called and asked to make a statement because she was about as close to a witness as they could get (no one was directly watching the incident). Needless to say, she couldn't say much, as she really didn't witness it. Anyway, the point is, this has been blown completely out of proportion and simply I'm disgusted.

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aah, poor err-- lady... more money, ne. use the shell as an excuse... i want to see her try to win the lawsuit ._. it's a pathetic reason to sue.

Posted by mizuki @ 12/23/2003 10:42 AM PST

Welcome to America, a sue-happy society where lawyers are hated/loved for their ability to help in this insanity. Yup, Yup.

Posted by Cloudzero @ 12/21/2003 04:10 PM PST

..wow, that's really pathetic

Posted by Tina @ 12/19/2003 07:30 AM PST

Hmmm... this reminds me about teenagers and their problems. You know how they get suicidal over everything. LOL, back in my middle school and some folks in high school wanna die cuz of bad grades. It's funny I guess. I just wish they would do it so they'd stop complaining all the time.

Posted by Hotaru @ 12/18/2003 08:05 PM PST

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