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01/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Happy New Years! Followup"

And here's that followup entry I mentioned. ^_^

So, I don't know how everyone else spent their New Years, but I was posed to spend it at home and playing FFXI. There I was, just running to San d'Oria to go change to a bard, which there were some strange people outside my house! I took a peek out and lo and behold, it was my friend Allan and semi-friend, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see him or anything, Bill! ^_^; So I opened the door for them and they told me that they were in the area, so they came by just for the hell of it. That was nice. ^_^ It'd only be a short visit, but they just wanted to say "hi." After a little, they were going to leave and then Allan suggests that I come with them to his house and spend New Years with them. I really didn't think the parents would be entirely too keen on the idea, but my mommy let me, so I was happy. ^_^ We picked up one Mr. Terrii (friend) along the way and then we played at Allan's house for a while. We played Mario Kart: Double Dash. I tell you, that's a great game. XD I think I'm getting pretty good at the assisting postion in the back. ^_^ Hm... what else...? Oh, there was fooding! XD Yeah, some nice maccaroni stuff and ham. =3 So we just played until it was time to watch the ball drop. And the ball we did watch. And we jumped. XD Apparently it's a Fillipino superstition that if you jump at New Years, you'll grow taller. Not that I need to grow taller, but it was fun, so yeah. ^_^

Been working a lot, so not much to really say.... Oh, one thing:

The other day, I was looking through a Fry's advertisement and I saw the most interesting thing: an electric women's razor. That itself isn't entirely too exciting, but what I saw something that was. It was some fine text accompanying the ad and it read: "refurbished to original manufactorer's specifications." O_o;; Is it just me or does the thought of using a refurbished razor just sound... unsanitary...? ^_^;;

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Gah, I follow some other flip superstition wherein your whole house has to be spic-n-span clean. That was not fun. Grats on the bard, havent been playing much and been neglecting my 26whm T_T

Posted by CakeS @ 01/05/2004 03:46 AM PST

I saw the ball drop too. I just finished watching a WWII movie and ran downstairs to see the ball drop, then ran back upstairs to watch the next show. XD. Cool Filipino supersticion but I don't want to grow anymore. ^_^

Posted by Hotaru @ 01/03/2004 04:14 PM PST

Refurbished...? I don't think I wanna know the hazards that come with such a device that comes in such close contact with the human body... ^^;

Posted by Cloudzero @ 01/03/2004 01:18 PM PST

Not unsanitary but very very dangerous. XD

Posted by Dez @ 01/02/2004 11:56 AM PST

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