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01/05/2004 Archived Entry: "Winter Quarter 2004"

And today marks the end of my winter vacation. Yes, today was my first day of school. ;_; In a way, I'm glad cause I really don't believe in the month and a half vacation that the semester system gives to their students (why the hell do they need such a long break?), but at the same time, I was working so much during the break that I want a bit more free time back. Oh well, I guess nothing can be done about that now, can it?

Today I had two classes: Speech 10 and Arts 8.

Speech 10 went rather well. It's one of those introductory speech classes: i.e. bound to be pretty darn easy. ^_^ I got there maybe five to ten minutes late and I popped in to see everyone chatting loudly. O_o; I went up to Ms. Teacher Lady and she told me that they were having an exercise where you just have a conversation with your classmate. OK, so I jumped into it and made some small talk with someone or other. Then my teacher had us be seated and went over the class green-sheet. Pretty standard stuff.... I don't believe it, as I really wasn't there that long, but I got kinda sleepy and drooled ever so little on my shirt before waking up. ^_^;;; Otherwise, nothing especially of note.

Arts 8 is an introductory design class. Last quarter, I added Arts 10, which is actually the follow-up course, but I didn't know that, so now I have to go back and take Arts 8, which is also a requirement for my transfer to SJSU as an animation major. Um... also went over a green-sheet.... Our "getting to know each other exercise" in that class was in the form of asking another person a question or two. Nothing terribly interesting.... Something of note is the fact that there are a few girls I'd consider somewhat attractive to downright cute in that class. XD From what I've seen, I think that art classes draw nicer looking girls on the average. Go art classes! XD XD XD

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Cute girls in your art class... No wonder you didn't fall asleep for THAT one. Nice choice. ^_^

Posted by Cloudzero @ 01/08/2004 12:18 AM PST

ooh that can work =D

Posted by Tina @ 01/07/2004 06:57 PM PST

Hm... maybe on a Tuesday or Thursday, cause I get out of school at 3:10 those days. ^_^

Posted by Tsubasa @ 01/07/2004 09:18 AM PST

oH! are we playing anymore? or not happening? =X

Posted by Tina @ 01/06/2004 10:29 PM PST

Sleeping in class rules

Posted by Tina @ 01/06/2004 10:29 PM PST

Yesh well I don't exactly look at girls at my art classes so I can't say the same thing. o.O I can't believe you don't believe in long vacations. I love them! ^_^

Posted by Hotaru @ 01/06/2004 12:02 PM PST

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