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02/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Traffic School"

Anyone remember my ticket? Well, yesterday, I finally attended traffic school for it. >.< All truth be told, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it still took all day, so that's a big "boo" from me. -_-

Now, what do you peoples think when you think of "traffic school?" To me, going into this thing, I thought that meant sitting around for eight hours and listening to some old person lecture me in the ways of "proper" driving, with the occaional boring video. I don't know whether it was my class or something, but what I actually went through wasn't anything like that. My teacher lady person started the class by making us pair up and interview our neighbor. O_o We were to tell them our name, occupation, why we got our ticket, and things like that. Kinda interesting. Got paired with an older man who got a ticket for a rolling stop. Then, the lady went from group to group and we were to introduce our partners. Kinda fun listening to everyone's ticket stories. Directly following, we divided into groups of six and filled out pages in our little driving booklet thingy. We were in groups so that we could discuss. It was kinda nice actually. The group discussion stuff kept me much more engaged than something like lecture for hours. We essentially stayed like that throughout the day, discussing stuff, listening to the teacher, and watching the occasional video.

All in all, not bad at all, but it's not exactly the most pleasant experience either, so drive safely peoples.

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Posted by Sataya @ 02/03/2004 04:11 PM PST

I should be like, the best driver in the group after seeing all the dumb things you guys do. ^^;. But seriously, I'm glad it wasn't too bad. Now if you'll exuse me, it's back to the drudgery of grading papers. This keyboard is too loud, and people in the class keep looking at me funny x_X

Posted by Shelly @ 02/02/2004 12:07 PM PST

er tuesday..

still used to our old schedule. rah XD

Posted by Tina @ 02/02/2004 12:29 AM PST

Darn that police guy next to the day care place thing ma bobber

ah well at least it's over with

and we shall hang on wednesday

and stalk cars

Posted by Tina @ 02/02/2004 12:28 AM PST

ohohoh..eww... ticket....
you live [in my comment box]!! lol~
speaking of car-related things, yo... i should go to drivers ed... hahaha... ehhh.. i think i'll take that next year.... ._.
gyun! you have another domain?!! waai.. it's so cute... XDD (name and art <3) kitteh-----kitty!!!! kitteeeehhhh XDD

Posted by mizuki @ 02/01/2004 07:33 PM PST

meh, driving school doesn't sound too bad then. :o at least it was a ticket and not something you have to go to court for. (one of my high school friends had to... x_X) anyway, SPAM SPAM SPAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! yay for us single people. :3

Posted by riku @ 02/01/2004 05:11 PM PST

Waah, I'm back from my super short 10 day Hiatus and spamming your log like always. Your little story makes me scared of driving. At least your time in driving school wasn't a total snore.

Posted by Hotaru @ 02/01/2004 03:24 PM PST

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